Strategies for Improving Customer Service in the Telecom Industry

May 8, 2018

The telecom industry has come a long way from what existed a decade or two ago. The services provided by telecom companies are largely a part of our everyday lives. Today, the telecom industry is witnessing an explosion of competition and an era of hyper-consumerization. Consequently, there has been an enormous increase in the rate of customer churn for telecom companies. Modern customers are far more informed than before. As the competition intensifies, the customer is spoilt for choices. It is more challenging to acquire new customers, but even retaining your existing ones is not that easy. This calls for telecom companies to invest more in maintaining and retaining their existing customers through top-notch customer service. What the players in the telecom industry need to primarily focus on are the rapidly changing customer needs and sentiments. We have identified five strategies that telecom companies can put into practice to step up their customer service.

Customized Solutions

Every customer has different communication needs. Hence, it is imperative that telecom companies continuously interact with them and interpret their usage patterns to offer them tailor-made plans to fill this inherent need. Telecom companies (Telcos) have to pro-actively move customers to plans that are more beneficial to them and instead of giving more emphasis to the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). This improved customer service strategy will build customer loyalty and satisfaction towards the brand.

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Employee Engagement

Telecom companies have various departments like marketing, network, admin, credits, verification, collection, and HR. Some of these departments rarely or never interact with the company’s customers directly, unlike sales and customer service.  It is necessary to engage all these departments with the customers as frequently as possible. This will help them understand the customer’s pain points and perspectives. Consequently, it will promote better-coordinated effort and solutions to manage internal conflict and quicker resolution and enhanced customer service. The customer should be at the center of all cross-functional priorities.

Leverage Digital Media

Customers often resort to various social channels to report bad customer service and experiences. Keeping tabs on such instances is more important for a brand today than ever before as they have the potential to tarnish the brand’s image and dip the sales. In the case of telecom companies’ customers, it may be about the network, delay in response, billing issues, deactivation, and interaction with touchpoints or call centers. Most prospective customers read through feedback before they decide to opt for an operator. Using this will enable you to not only serve your existing customers well by providing them with an enhanced customer experience but to also reach out to potential customers.

Management Discipline

All managers must be encouraged to practice customer service management and the results should be quantified. Most managers tend to work like technicians while working on data, rather than looking at it from the responsibility and knowledge perspective. Their actions should give positive results. Managers of telecom companies must have customer service traits inculcated into their work culture. Their only responsibility should be to make the company deliver the purpose for the sake of which it exists, and telecom exists only for the sole purpose of delivering efficient and effective customer service.

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