5 Proven Strategies to Improve Sales Force Productivity

May 12, 2020

Sales Forecasting

Unlocking the true potential of sales data is unquestionably one of the top ways to make a breakthrough in sales force productivity, returns, business growth, and market position, but this is easier said than done. Leading enterprises often struggle when it comes to structuring and redesigning their sales teams. Challenges such as an inefficient workforce, fragmented sales channels, talent gap, and high attrition rates make sales force productivity initiatives tougher to execute in today’s business scenario.

Here’s a fable that rightly explains the importance of adopting a modern approach to improving sales productivity- Tim McCarthy returned home scowling. The reason- the stakeholders wanted another 11% increase in sales from his team this year. Gone are the days when he could simply announce a 10% increase in sales and divide the targets among the sales reps from each region or product category and wait for them to deliver it. Today, the procurement teams of Tim’s customers use advanced algorithms and analytics tools to identify and collaborate with vendors for routine buys; the result obtained often exceeded manual findings making it the most sought-after approach. For more complex sales processes, his customers wanted customized end-to-end solutions. Considering the complexities involved, it wasn’t an easy task, no matter how hard he/she tried to close all the deals. What’s needed at times like these, is a team of highly skilled industry experts that possess the knowledge of market know-how and the right skills to drive forward the efforts. The fact was—he knew he’d have to face it sooner or later. Nothing about improving sales force productivity to achieve the new target was as simple or predictable as it used to be. 11% growth? He wasn’t even sure if he was on the right track.

We’re sure it sounds familiar, it’s because sales managers often face such situations in real life. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with clients facing similar challenges, and this has helped us build better sales strategies to help them thrive in a dynamic environment.

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Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity

sales force productivity

Given the current economic situation, almost every company struggles when it comes to improving sales force productivity, and this problem is only intensified by the rising pressure to meet increasing revenue targets in the post-crisis world. To regain lost sales and revenue, businesses across sectors have started expanding their sales teams to chase and achieve higher sales goals. However, it’s crucial to note that most businesses are not scaling their processes, technology adoption, and analytics tools at the same rate. As a result, they are witnessing a major slump in sales force productivity and are far from achieving their sales goals.

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How to Improve Sales Force Productivity?

The traditional approach adopted by most sales teams to improve sales force productivity involved analyzing historical sales data sets to gauge the number of new sales executives that could be hired given the market potential and the ramp-up time required to meet the set target. Today, successful businesses follow a more scientific, analytics-backed approach to improving sales performance- one that focuses on improving sales force productivity using advanced analytics. On the contrary, they have learned to leverage five levers that make productivity increase both predictable and controllable.

We bring to you five fail proof strategies that’ll help you boost sales force productivity & improve revenue acquisition.

#1 Build a Strong Sales Force

How you go about building a strong sales force defines the failure or success of your sales force productivity initiatives. To meet your business goals, it’s crucial to identify and deploy not just the right talent, but identify the right support, marketing channels, and resources that can help your sales teams achieve their targets.

#2 Focus on Training and Onboarding

The basic principle for building a highly-driven, knowledgeable sales team is good onboarding and training. Investing in the right training and onboarding tools is crucial since it leaves a huge impact on the future productivity of your sales force.

#3 Invest in the Right Sales Analytics Tools

We’re sure every organization has budgetary restrictions when it comes to investing in such tools, but its crucial to make sure you aren’t saving up at the expense of improving sales force productivity. Gathering sales data from disparate sources and analyzing them using traditional approaches can be time-consuming. Investing in the right sales analytics tools can help you achieve a faster time to insight, which in turn, can help you uncover opportunities for improvement.

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#4 Deploy a Sales Productivity Model to Automate your Sales Process

One most sought after way to boost your sales productivity is to give your reps more time to achieve their targets. And to do so, businesses must automate sales processes, this way they eliminate redundant tasks while providing more time for sales reps to focus on their core selling activities.

#5 Monitor and Track Sales Force Productivity Metrics

Sales force productivity metrics including win rate, sales cycle length, conversation rates, and call rate can help you evaluate the productivity of your sales team. Evaluating outcomes using these metrics is crucial since it defines the success of your sales force productivity strategies, helping you take immediate actions to address key problem areas. Also, the use of advanced sales analytics dashboards to monitor these metrics have helped businesses visualize trends and gain valuable insights to enhance their sales force productivity initiatives.

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