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Sep 11, 2019


The growing popularity of digital technologies and advanced analytics tools have impacted business operations across industries. The telecom industry is undeniably at the epicenter of this technological disruption as such advances have not only resulted in the evolution of new business models but have made multi-device usage and multi-device viewing the norm for telecom companies. Leveraging advanced telecom analytics solutions can help businesses gain unprecedented visibility into core business processes. Apart from improving efficiency and growth, telecom analytics also helps companies to analyze real-time data sets to make fact-based decisions that propel peculiar, conclusive, and action-oriented culture across the organization.

Quantzig’s advanced analytics frameworks and data models coupled with domain knowledge can help telecom companies to jump-start their analytics journey. Contact our experts to know more!

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Four Telecom Analytics Use Cases

Telecom Analytics Use Case #1: Enhance customer experience

Telecom service providers have access to huge troves of data generated from different customer touchpoints. These data sets must be aggregated and analyzed to identify factors that affect customer experience across channels. Telecom analytics helps companies to collate and analyze data obtained from call centers, CRM systems, and other sources to understand the biggest pain points of their customers.

Telecom Analytics Use Case #2: Reduce truck rolls through proactive customer care

Analyzing data can help telecom service providers to avoid unnecessary service calls and in-person appointments which could otherwise cost them several dollars. However, to do so, companies must be able to predict the different customer issues that lead to unnecessary service calls and deploy a robust system to manage them as and when they occur. Using telecom analytic solutions businesses can generate customized reports based on what-if scenarios and visualize results using data clustering algorithms. The use of location-based heat maps can also help them easily track and identify areas where issues appear and allocate resources accordingly.

A new wave of data and analytics is taking over the voice for telecom service providers and the fact that every prospect is leaving behind a digital footprint across touch points makes it essential to analyze these data sets and convert them into actionable insights that empower telecom companies to take cohesive business decisions. Request a FREE proposal to know how we can help.

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Telecom Analytics Use Case #3: Analyze the potential of new offerings 

Telecom analytics acts as a key enabler of business success by enabling businesses to establish innovative offerings to generate new revenue streams sparked by big data. Advanced telecom analytics solutions that leverage predictive modeling techniques can help telcos analyze various factors influencing the decisions of their customers. To analyze the potential of new offerings telecom service providers must gain a detailed understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and sentiments. Each of which can be obtained by analyzing the different phases of the customer lifecycle. From understanding customer sentiments to VoC telecom analytics plays a huge role in analyzing the potential of new offerings.


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Telecom Analytics Use Case #4: Reduce customer churn rate

Segmenting customers to analyze their needs and improving business processes to cater to their needs is a part of the overall objective of increasing customer satisfaction to reduce churn. Telecom analytics helps telcos leverage big data and advanced analytics tools to identify factors or events that trigger the churn events. Using such insights businesses can deploy suitable strategies to prevent churn and improve satisfaction rates.

Telecom service providers who are just about to start their analytics journey can start with the basic steps that involve the use of descriptive, diagnostic, and advanced analytics. Starting with such an approach will enable telecom companies to gain a 360-degree view of the organization, thereby contributing to the key objective of enhancing business decisions.

You’re just a click away request for more information and gain in-depth insights into the business benefits of our advanced analytics solutions.

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