Transforming the Transportation Industry with Predictive Analytics

Aug 3, 2017

Predictive analytics

The transportation industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and so are the challenges that this industry faces. The transportation industry can leverage predictive analytics and data mining techniques to find solutions to these transportation-related challenges such as traffic and transport network congestion across the globe. Predictive analytics can be used to analyze the vast amounts of information generated through internal and external sources such as live public transit data, train schedules, and bus feeds. Such insights procured through the use of predictive analytics can be utilized to plan routes, reduce traffic and bottlenecks, and get individuals from one place to the other. Public transport authorities and private enterprises can exploit the insights received from predictive analytics tools to alert passengers and individuals about routes that are congested and overloaded; thereby, devising new re-routing strategies.

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Predictive Analytics in the Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry – Holistic Mobility

Transport authorities across the globe believe that obtaining insights from real-time information or live data can help them find the best alternatives to get from one place to the other; thereby, reducing delays, improving customer experience, and ensuring the holistic transformation of urban mobility. Predictive analytics tools provide a wider picture of transport conditions by offering bus or trains schedules, and parking availability, thus, developing mobile user-friendly and smarter services. Public transport authorities can use transportation analytics solutions to promote the usage of a more sustainable mode of transport among individuals in metro cities.

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Predictive Analytics and Public Transportation

Predictive analytics has the potential to improve public transport across the globe by analyzing people’s movement between and within different cities. It helps in determining the schedules of public transport such as buses and trains, forecasting weather conditions, and analyzing the effect of both on commuters. Advanced analytics can be used to track bus and train schedules, breakdowns, and eliminate signal or network issues by determining alternative options and mitigating its impact. Predictive data analytics tools help determine the impact of traffic congestion and on-going maintenance projects on public transit networks; thereby, devising alternative transit schedules and message strategy. Big data analytics transportation can be used to predict the impact of unplanned events such as a traffic accident, vehicle breakdown, transport labor strike, etc. and their impact on the local economy.

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