COVID-19: 3 Step Action Plan for US Telecom Companies

Apr 3, 2020

US Telecom Companies

The world today has turned upside down in the blink of an eye due to the coronavirus outbreak. In such scenarios, telecom companies are among the other worst-hit sectors that are pushed to face the greatest challenge in history. Like the other establishments, US telecom companies also have to support and care for their employees. At the same time, they must ensure continuity in business operations and keep up their promise of delivering superior services and infrastructures, which is more than a bare necessity at challenging times like these.

us telecom companies
  1. Stabilize operations and services rendered
  2. Invest in cybersecurity
  3. Focus on crisis management

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Like the healthcare and pharma industry, US telecom companies also play a pivotal role in helping communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the dramatic turn of recent events and precautionary measures adopted by governments, US telecom companies are under massive pressure to ensure continuity of services. Considering the complexity involved in catering to the diverse needs of various regions and businesses, our analytics experts suggest a short-term 3-step action plan that can help the US telecom industry manage the implications of the current global scenario.

3 Step Action Plan for US Telecom Industries

With US telecom companies struggling to tackle a host of issues simultaneously. Given the urgency and dire need for telecom services, we recommend devising a short-term action plan to manage the crisis before redirecting attention to the plan for recovery. The telecom industry players who do so will not only help their nations and the world respond to the pandemic but will emerge stronger in the aftermath.

1. Stabilize Operations and Services Rendered

Stabilizing core business operations is crucial for US telecom companies to be more flexible and resilient in such situations where service demands witness a sudden surge. Considering the rise in usage another challenge for the US telecom companies would revolve around addressing customer concerns and resolving congestion in traffic. With the peak demand on fixed-line networks witnessing a sudden surge, several network nodes are being encumbered giving rise to connectivity issues. To proactively address such connectivity issues, US telecom companies must focus on deploying advanced predictive analytics tools to identify the high-risk areas and effectively manage network traffic based on the traffic at the nodes.

The US telecom industry plays a vital role in helping communities respond to Covid-19. Request a free proposal if you’re looking to tackle the impact of the pandemic on your business operations.

2. Invest in Cybersecurity

With the spike in traffic, one cannot ignore but accept the fact that cyber attacks can potentially disrupt the quality of service. Especially in such crises, when companies are quickly adapting and transitioning themselves to maintain effective operations, there are unknowingly exposing themselves to cyber-attacks and phishing since backup serves used by businesses are generally not secure and might lack the most advanced security patches. To address this issue, US telecom companies must focus on strengthening their security patches to ensure their customers have access to the best possible defenses against cyber threats.

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3. Focus on Crisis Management

The shift to remote work as an impact of social distancing is poised to drive the demand for networking and telecom services in the future. However, the sudden surge in demand could also strain the system and result in customer satisfaction issues if reality doesn’t meet the expectations and needs of businesses and people alike.

In due course, it’s not just the risk of increased cybercrime and socioeconomic vulnerability that is at stake, but also the lives and well-being of millions of people globally. In such a scenario, the US telecom companies have a vital role to play in helping governments, communities, and establishments combat the pandemic. Though the path is fraught with challenges, catering to the growing dynamic needs of their customers can help telecom companies to strengthen customer relationships by helping them emerge from the crisis even stronger.

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