Quantzig’s Social Listening Solution Helps a Financial Services Firm Identify Emerging Trends in Public Affairs

Feb 8, 2018

The client: Financial services provider

Area of engagement: Social listening

Today, leading banks and financial institutions are looking beyond compliance to optimize their business and boost financial performance despite rising industrial risks and regulations across the financial services industry. The global financial services industry is witnessing a revolution toward a more consumer-centric environment to increase liquidity, reduce leverage, and improve additional capital. However, in the hassle to enhance risk management capabilities and build an agile infrastructure, several factors have started hindering the growth of the financial services sector. These factors include:

  • Weakening global economy: Prominent financial services providers have started looking out for alternative solutions to sustain their presence in the market with the recent economic downturn. Additionally, with the recent Brexit issues, financial services providers are going through a prolonged period of negative growth and drastic fall in investments owing to lower economic growth.

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  • Digitization: Today, leading financial services firms are relying on high-level IT operations to optimize their business process and interact with customers in a seamless manner beyond the conventional banking system. A recent research report also illustrates that 40% of US citizens are not walking into the banks to make their monitory transactions, owing to the digitization of banking services.

Many such factors are compelling financial services providers to leverage the use of social listening solutions. Social listening solutions help firms solve consumer challenges and reduce negative brand perception. These solutions also help establishments harness the power of social media to connect with a broader set of consumers and understand their reaction towards new products and accordingly develop promotional campaigns.

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The Business Challenge

The client, a renowned financial services provider with business units spread across the globe, wanted to leverage the use of social listening tools to categorize the emerging trends in public affairs. Additionally, the client wanted to comprehend the preferences of the customers and implement effective strategies to maintain a positive brand image and identity in the financial services landscape.

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The Solution and the Business Impact

Strategies we recommended based on our analysis to identify the current social media trends.

Quantzig’s social listening engagement helped the financial services provider gain real-time insights into consumer opinions and preferences, which helped them assess the number of followers and impressions on social media. Additionally, the client enhanced customer centricity, enabled better product offerings, and improved customer loyalty.

Social Listening Predictive Insights

With the help of Quantzig’s social listening engagement, companies can profile their target audiences and drive targeted campaigns. Firms can also effectively monitor conversations to understand the complaints and adopt appropriate communication strategies. This will help them tailor offerings based on customers’ passion and perceptions.

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