Leveraging Social Media Sentiment Analysis to Devise Better Marketing Strategy for a Renowned IT Services Provider

Nov 15, 2017

In the current business scenario, technology plays a pivotal role in the sustenance of any business organization, and for the same, organizations are implementing IT services across their platforms. While IT services, assist individuals and enterprises in implementing, managing, and operating process, it becomes important to understand the customers and their business requirements. In any service-level organization, customers are the king, and to effectively reach out to them; organizations in the financial industry require a rigid and robust sentiment analysis solution. In the IT services space, sentiment analysis helps businesses analyze customers’ feelings, attitudes, and opinions and how people are responding to these services. Moreover, sentiment analysis also helps businesses adapt to different strategies if the touchpoints are resonating with the customers. With the help of sentiment analysis, leading IT services providers can understand the impact of their media campaigning efforts by tracking customers’ opinions in terms of comments, shares, likes, and re-tweets.

To better understand the brand’s perception and analyze quality metrics, renowned IT services providers are approaching companies like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s sentiment analysis solutions help IT services providers analyze social media channels in terms of opinions, feelings, and satisfaction levels and further generate leads for the brands and businesses.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned IT services provider with a considerable number of service offerings spread across the globe was facing certain predicaments analyzing the customers sentiments and profiling potential target segments. The client wanted to actively listen to the audience and identify the initiatives which would deliver the desired outcomes. With the help of sentiment analysis solution, the IT services provider wanted to uncover new insights to better understand their target audience. Furthermore, the client also wanted to efficiently track the competitors and devise effective marketing campaigns to improve business outcomes.

Benefits of Sentiment Analysis

The sentiment analysis solutions offered by Quantzig helped the IT services firm effectively manage and measure the social networks and gain valuable insights into the online channels. Moreover, the client was able to measure their performance at each stage and analyze how the content is shared across different platforms. Also, the engagement further helped the client keep track of the inbound marketing initiatives and gather, analyze, and manage conversations.

Sentiment Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Gain an overview of the wider public opinion and make agile and informed decisions
  • Quickly understand customer attitudes and measure the brand’s reputation
  • Monitor social media posts and discussions and analyze the reaction of customers to the specific brands
  • Improve revenues by 10% and enhanced market shares
  • Stay relevant in the business and expand their customer base by 20%

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