Web Crawling and Analysis Helps a Medical Insurance Provider Deliver Incremental Value to Customers

Dec 4, 2017

Over the past few years, the medical insurance industry has become fragmented due to the presence of multiple establishments offering a wide array of services at competitive prices. Moreover, the demand for healthcare services, which includes medical insurance, is proliferating due to the aging population and the increasing occurrence of chronic diseases across the globe. However, capitalizing on the opportunities in this market space requires an understanding of the fundamental forces that are disrupting the growth of the medical insurance industry. As a result of such challenges, insurance providers across the globe have started leveraging the use of web crawling and analysis. Web crawling and analysis studies help companies in the medical insurance industry space to devise a robust solution to optimize price points, marketing strategies, and enhance product features and offer based on customer feedback.

With over 13 years of expertise in providing a wide array of web crawling and analysis solutions, Quantzig helps clients in the medical insurance space to deliver incremental value to customers in their shopping experience and create tailored experiences and custom offers. To know how we can help you, contact our analytics experts.

The Business Challenge

A renowned client operating in  the medical insurance space was facing challenges in improving sales revenue and market shares due to the intense level of competition across the medical insurance space. Additionally, the client was facing difficulties in evaluating the behavior of online retail users and sales teams and benchmark product prices across the industry space.

The primary objective of this web crawling and analysis study was to improve price points and benchmark competitors to help the insurance provider increase their focus on customer segments using targeted campaigns.

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Web Crawling and Analysis Benefits

The web crawling and analysis engagement helped the client improve the pricing and promotion scenarios across multiple products categories. By analyzing information from user ratings and reviews, the medical insurance client was able to deliver incremental value to customers in their shopping experience and create tailored experiences and custom offers. Furthermore, by categorizing drivers and analyzing the level of customer engagement, this web crawling and analysis study helped the insurance provider identify potential customers and design a more focused targeted campaign to improve cross-selling opportunities.

Web Crawling and Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Analyze brand performance based on the product volume in various sales rank buckets
  • Understand the performance trends for top products
  • Improve the approach of their sales representatives
  • Deliver incremental value to customers
  • Analyze brand performance based on the product volume

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