How Sentiment Analysis Helped a Leading Insurance Company Understand the Customer’s Perceptions Toward their Products and Services

Dec 11, 2017

The Business Challenge

A leading insurance company was facing certain challenges understanding the opinion of the customers and assessing the opinion and attitude of the end-users. Moreover, the client wanted to understand the customers’ perception of the products offered and develop strategies to respond to their campaigns and product launches. Moreover, the client wanted to seek ways to leverage sentiment analysis to scale across virtually unlimited channels. The primary aim of the engagement was to leverage sentiment analysis to monitor how customers feel about the brand. The insurance industry firm also wanted to develop a proactive engagement strategy to monitor interactions.

Solutions Delivered

To help the insurance company establish its presence in the market, the engagement also focused on improving customer experience and their competitive position. With the help of sentiment analysis, the client was also able to refine business models and design marketing campaigns to assess the perception of customers around their activities.

Additional Benefits Offered by Quantzig’s Sentiment Analysis:

  • Identified the potential competitors in the insurance company space and gained relevant insights on the brand
  • Potentially tapped into customers preferences and determined the perceptions of the customers toward the brand
  • Streamlined the use of social media channels to enhance product performance

Sentiment analysis of a customer is essential for providing seamless customer experience but it is challenging to execute. Even well-established businesses can find themselves coming up with excuses to delay, defer, and deny. Request a FREE proposal to know more about our sentiment analysis solutions.

Insurance Industry Overview

With the recent changes pertaining to interest rates and equity, insurance companies have started focusing on their offerings to improve profit margins. Moreover, with the global economic volatility and the changing regulatory landscape, leading insurance companies are looking to implement long-term growth strategies to improve their product portfolios and deliver customized offerings to the customers. To improve their presence in the market, insurance providers are including sentiment analysis as a part of their marketing strategy. Moreover, sentiment analysis also helps businesses in the insurance space identify and categorize opinions and determine the customer’s attitude toward the products and services. Leading businesses in the insurance company can also leverage sentiment analysis to handle large volumes of customer feedback and understand the preferences of the customers.

Benefits of Sentiment Analysis Solution

The sentiment analysis solution offered by Quantzig helped the insurance company to proactively gain insights into the customer’s attitudes about the brand. The engagement also focused on expressing the emotions of the client through social media platforms. Moreover, the sentiment analysis solutions further assisted the client to focus on identifying feedback sources to define new targets and pursue the most promising opportunities.

To improve their understanding of consumers and create new marketing campaigns, leading insurance companies are approaching renowned solution providers like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of solutions, Quantzig’s sentiment analysis helps leading insurance companies to understand their customer sentiment and drive long-term strategy and employee engagement.

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