Customer Lifetime Value Analytics Helps Client Improve Customer Retention Rates by 13% 

Dec 8, 2022

Game-Changing Solutions for Customer Lifetime Analysis 

The global telecommunications industry is mainly driven by the ongoing innovations and technological developments to offer a wide range of services at low-cost margins to the customers. With the relative significance of the internet, the telecommunication market has manifolded in the last two decades, and the sector is expected to gain significance in the coming years. With the relentless demand for agile and seamless services among the target audiences, global telecom providers are striving to improve their network and offer expanded services to their customers. Moreover, the telecommunications space is also gaining significance owing to the affordability of services and the demand for high internet speed. Although the telecommunication space is witnessing a promising growth owing to the additional services such as storage area network, storage products, and storage networking services; certain factors pose a hindrance to the growth of the telecom space. These factors include: 

Increasing competition: In the recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the competition among the OTT services space. It is estimated that approximately 2.5 billion people worldwide use message app which is further affecting the text services offered by the telecom space. 

Innovations: With the integration of IoT services, connecting devices have become more agile and seamless. It is estimated that with the help of IoT services, connected devices are estimated to reach 21 billion by 2020. This relentless growth in innovations is putting a lot of pressure on the telecom space to develop a platform that supports the technology. 

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To enhance connectivity and offer reliable solutions to the customers, organizations are necessitating the need for a customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value determines the value of the money that the company spends on acquiring new customers and the customers worth over a specific period of time. The customer lifetime value can be calculated from the revenue generated by the company in terms of the expenditures per visit, the services utilized, and the average customer value by week, and year. 

Over the past few years, wireless telecommunications services have proved to be effective for the sustenance of businesses as it facilitates effective communication with end-users. The services at large comprise of mobile phones, pagers, and other wireless telecommunications devices such as wireless internet access and video.  With the growing innovations in the telecom industry, organizations are opting for IoT in their applications to streamline their operations and deliver effective services. The rapid growth in the wireless telecommunications space can be attributed to the growing internet penetration, access to smart mobile devices, and advances in wireless technology. 

Although the wireless telecommunications space is witnessing promising growth owing to the growing demand for wireless communications among the end-user segments, several factors may influence the growth of the industry. These include: 

Security issues: With the trend of digitization reaching its pinnacle, the consumers have better access to a wide array of data services. On the contrary, unlimited access to data can make them more vulnerable to potential threats. Organizations in the wireless telecommunications space should ensure better security in terms of maintaining and handling the data. 

Equipment expenses: As compared to the conventional counterparts, wireless telecommunications services are considered expensive. Also, additional costs involved in subscribing data services are forcing organizations to offer solutions at affordable costs while meeting the quality requirements. Moreover, organizations should also compare their pricing with that of the competitors and offer more reliable services to the customers. 

To counter such challenges and maintain a better relationship with the customers, leading businesses are leveraging solutions such as customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value aims at acquiring a lot of customers and optimizing their acquisition spending to maximize the value. 

Customer Lifetime Challenges Faced by the Client 

The global telecom industry consists of several big players that make communication possible on a global scale, either through  phone or the Internet. The telecom industry is primarily driven by technological innovations and developments, which help to offer a wide range of communication services at low-cost margins. 

The client, a leading telecom player with business operations spread across the globe, wanted to determine the net value of their customers by source, campaign, and channel. This would help them identify potential customers and ascertain their average revenue per user. The client, with the help of customer lifetime value analytics solutions, wanted to spend their resources smartly to acquire new customers and retain the most profitable ones with customer lifetime value analytics engagement. Also, with the help of customer lifetime value analytics solutions, they wanted to seek ways to improve business decisions about product development, sales, marketing, and offer reliable customer service and experience to the customers; thus, helping them to maintain a long-term relationship with customers. 

Major challenges faced by the client: 

  • To ascertain the net value of their customers 
  • To seek ways to improve decision-making capabilities 
  • To reduce customer churn rates and retain the most profitable customers 

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At Quantzig, we believe that the growing business complexities have given rise to a new paradigm of customer-centric business models that companies must leverage in order to cost-effectively manage their customers in today’s technologically inclined, hyper-connected world. To support your efforts in doing so our analytics expert have devised a comprehensive suite of customer lifetime value analytics solutions that help focus on different aspects of your business to drive growth and profitability. 

The client wanted to determine the total value of the customers by source, channel, and campaign. With the help of a customer lifetime value study, the client wanted to efficiently spend their resources to acquire potential customers and retain the most profitable ones. Moreover, the client also wanted to seek ways to make important business decisions about sales, marketing, and product development, and offer reliable customer support to the customers. Through the solution, the client further wanted to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with profitable customers. 

Revolutionary Solutions for Customer Lifetime Analytics  

By leveraging Quantzig’s customer lifetime value study, the client identified the necessary marketing efforts to reduce churn rates and ensured the right amount of marketing investments toward profitable customers. 

Adopting a combined approach of Quantzig’s dynamic micro-segmentation and predictive modeling techniques, the client was able to accurately forecast the lifetime value of a customer based on their purchase history, demographics and other behavioral traits. Also, the telecom company was able to accurately predict the revenue generated by each customer which, in turn, helped them devise cost-efficient strategies aimed at improving the share of wallet from that customer. The solutions offered also helped them improve retention rate by 13% and build long-term relationships with the customers. 

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The retailer collaborated with Quantzig’s to leverage its customer lifetime value analysis solution and develop a strategy to improve its service levels and respond proactively to the strategic threats and opportunities in the market. This customer lifetime value analysis engagement included the entire program lifecycle right from the initial strategy development stage to the final stage that revolved around the implementation of the strategic roadmap. 

Our analytics experts worked with the client to analyze their challenges and devise a robust customer lifetime value analysis framework to effectively gauge customer value over a certain period. Based on the insights obtained from the analysis the client was able to develop a customer experience strategy that focused on improving the brand promise, customer lifetime value, service levels, and market position. A detailed customer lifetime value analysis engagement helped the client to achieve ground breaking results by transforming their ability to work with customer data, revolutionizing their approach to understanding customers. 

Impact Analysis and Key Takeaways of Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

Customer lifetime value analysis solutions helped the client to optimize interactions and conversations to drive repeat purchases, customer referrals, and minimize support costs. Furthermore, this engagement offered real-time and actionable insights into their customers’ journey which helped the client efficiently distinguish customers in terms of profitability. 

The customer lifetime value solution offered by Quantzig helped the wireless telecommunications provider understand their spend on acquiring a new customer. The solution also helped the client make business decisions on sales, marketing, and product development. The customer lifetime engagement also sought ways for the client to accurately keep track of their marketing budgets and adequately allocate their budgets to acquire the most profitable customers. Moreover, the solution can help the client determine robust advertising campaigns such as Facebook ads and YouTube ads to acquire new customers. 

Customer lifetime value analysis can help you identify profitable customer segments and drive sales through personalized offerings. 

Our customer lifetime value analysis also empowered the client to: 

  • To improve retention rate by 13% 
  • Accurately predict the revenue each customer generates 
  • Devise data-driven marketing strategies to improve profitability 
  • Reduce customer churn rates significantly 

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