How Healthcare Data Analytics Enabled Client to Deliver Personalized Plans for its Customers? 

Aug 12, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study: 

Particulars Description 
Client A major pharmaceutical company partnered with Quantzig to deliver personalized content across digital platforms. 
Business Challenge Our client wanted to provide a clinical workflow that operationalizes features such as tracking, patient engagement, coordination with customers, current health assessment, therapeutic plan, health risk assessment, and patient goals.   
Impact Quantzig’s advanced analytics solution helped the client evaluate the feasibility of introducing personalized health planning within the clinics’ workflows and through augmented intelligence.   

Game-Changing Solutions for Healthcare Industry 

Recent scientific advancements especially in healthcare data analytics have paved the way for a more customized approach to the healthcare and medical sector. It is based on the availability of more precise, reliable, and beneficial drugs explicitly created for each individual based on their genetic make-up. This novel strategy is known as tailored medicine or personalized treatment.  

Quantzig offers solutions that use diverse datasets that enable machine learning processes to incorporate as many factors as possible into the analysis. The healthcare system will be able to use more transformational AI technologies with the help of this increasingly connected and interoperable data. Pharma companies can reshape their personalized strategies and prepare for the uncertainties ahead by leveraging Quantzig’s tailor-made healthcare analytics solutions

The Challenges of the Healthcare Partner  

A major pharmaceutical company partnered with Quantzig to deliver personalized content across digital platforms. Our client intended to provide a clinical workflow that operationalizes tracking, patient engagement, customer coordination, current health assessment, therapeutic plan, health risk assessment, and patient goals.  The client also wanted to evaluate the feasibility of introducing personalized health planning within the workflows of the clinic. The client wanted to leverage AI to generate insights, enabling the system to learn and empower clinician decisions through augmented intelligence.  Our client was struggling with the following issues: 

  • Data collection issues  
  • Accessibility concerns  
  • Therapeutic errors  
  • Administrative hurdles and data silos  
  • Physician liabilities  
  • An incomplete picture of the patient  
  • Problems in defining an all-encompassing patient journey  
  • Ineffective patient-provider communications  

Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions 

Quantzig assisted the client in driving improvements in the healthcare industry with an innovation that has prompted healthcare stakeholders to leverage analytics to enhance service efficiency, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes. Quantzig specializes in offering advanced digital analytics solutions customized to create healthcare data analytics roadmaps, build a data-driven culture, and optimize processes and systems. Quantzig used machine learning to merge information on clinical pathways with historical utilization and outcomes to offer optimal patient care.  

Quantzig’s team also captured information from electronic health records (EHRs) to collect data from wearable devices and sensors and improve diagnostics and predictive analytics. More interoperable and connected data in the healthcare system will enable more transformative AI applications in the coming years. 


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Impact Analysis of Quantzig’s Healthcare Analytics Solution  

The pharmaceutical client created personalized plans using big data analytics solutions. Additionally, it assisted the client in reducing incorrect diagnoses, enhancing patient autonomy, offering customized services, and improving health outcomes. Analyzing and evaluating data analytics made the data management process efficient, seamless, and transparent. Quantzig’s big data analytics solution helped the client to personalize plans and unlock the following benefits:    

  • Reduced patient communication gaps and improved quality of care   
  • Lowered re-admissions of patients by 26%  
  • Increased wellness visits for patients by 36% using patient relationship    management (PRM) software  
  • Increased operational efficiencies and improved patient satisfaction   

Key Outcomes 

Quantzig’s experts used advanced data analytics solutions to deliver personalized medical plans and streamline communication between the client and its customers. This enabled the client to leverage the tremendous advancements in medicine to provide safer and more efficient therapies, medications, and diagnostics. Our client could now facilitate better medical outcomes by offering personalized medical care backed by data analytics across several vital parameters.


Broad Perspective on the role of Analytics Solutions in the Healthcare Industry: 

The hyper-personalization of care is a new trend in the healthcare sector that rapidly alters how physicians provide care to their patients. Hyper-personalized medicine is the creation of patient-specific, targeted, and customized medicines based on criteria other than a simple diagnosis. Precision medicine has reached a new level and integrates genomes, proteomics, metabolomics, and big-data-driven predictive analytics seamlessly. The adoption of EHRs, the accessibility to big data, and developments in machine learning and AI are key factors driving this trend.  

Key Takeaways of Advanced Healthcare Data Solutions: 

Quantzig’s healthcare analytics solution offers the following features:  

  • Analysis of electronic health records (EHRs)  
  • Cybersecurity  
  • Predictive analytics  
  • Automation of routine procurement tasks  
  • Financial risk analytics and fraud detection   
  • Real-time updates and communication about patients  
  • Improved patient care  

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