Improving Marketing Effectiveness with the Help of a Marketing Mix Strategy – A Case Study on the Household Goods Sector

Oct 19, 2018

Client’s Profile

The client is a major manufacturer of household goods with over 70+ stores located globally. 

Project Background and Solutions Offered 

The client- a leading household goods manufacturer wanted detailed insights on the best marketing vehicles to increase sales and drive growth. The household goods manufacturer was struggling to gain detailed insights into the impact of their marketing campaigns. They wanted to develop an appropriate strategy to leverage the impact of their marketing campaigns. To do so they collaborated with Quantzig to leverage its expertise in marketing mix modeling. Also, they were looking at implementing a marketing strategy that will help them meet their business objectives.  

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Value Delivered to the Client 

By adopting a more commercially focused, holistic approach to marketing mix modeling our marketing mix experts were able to gain detailed insights into the ROI of the client’s investments. Leveraging marketing mix modeling techniques and using the right marketing strategy, positively impacted the household goods manufacturer’s ROI. The developed marketing mix strategy was also beneficial in driving improvements in the overall marketing effectiveness, which improved by 60%.

Furthermore, based on the clients marketing performance, trade promotions, pricing strategies, economic indicators, and other business conditions we were able to offer actionable insights along with a value proposition into how the client could optimize their marketing performance for the future.

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