Massive Savings Realized by Telecom Player by Implementation of Revenue Assurance Model

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge:

Implementation of a robust revenue assurance model.

A leading telecom company in Europe wanted to implement a robust model that would enable them reduce revenue leakages and improve revenue assurance.


Revenue leakage due to operational issues.

The client was facing new challenges due to the rapid increase in customer base and felt the requirement for improved operational efficiency. Managing large volumes of data was getting difficult, resulting in operational risk resulting in inefficiencies and revenue leakages.

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Revenue assurance model to identify and assess potential revenue losses.

Based on our in-depth assessment of the client’s operations and functions, we developed a revenue assurance model. The model made efficient use of client’s internal data and to identify the key bottlenecks that could lead to revenue loss. The solution also was designed to generate insights that could help clients with effective decision making.


Reduced revenue leakage, improved savings and enhanced operations.

Based on our solution, the client was able to identify and assess the key bottlenecks that could lead to revenue losses. This helped them in improving savings and enhancing revenues. The client also realized significant improvement in the overall process.

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