Supply Chain Analytics for a Power and Energy Market Client – A Quantzig Case Study

Jul 19, 2018

What the Client Wanted

Synthesize data from multiple sources across their supply network in a presentable form so that it offers meaningful insights in the context of current supply chain conditions.

The Outcome

Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solution enabled the client to derive actionable insights from the vast pool of the company, supplier, and external data sets to make better-informed supply chain decisions. This supply chain analytics engagement entailed the implementation of a robust solution to enhance responsiveness by offering real-time supply chain information. The solutions also eased the interpretation of trends by presenting the historical data in a comprehensive package.

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Overview of the Power and Energy Industry

Over the past few years, the global energy market has been caught up in a storm of transformational disruptions. The technological advancements and operational enhancements in the global energy market have been relatively narrow; thus, creating limiting efficiency gains. However, in recent years, advancements in technology have started opening doors to wider operating margins. Also, the explosion of the power and energy industry can be attributed to the technological breakthrough and the growing demand from the end-user segments across the globe.

Power and Energy  Industry Challenges

  • Ensuring access while maintaining affordability: Though globally several regions have access to energy, the question of long-term affordability still remains less certain. Catering to the global energy requirements while focusing on affordability are key issues that pose major challenges for players in the power and energy segment. Access to energy and affordability are critical problems that are not only major concerns for developing countries, but the developed countries to feel the pinch of rising energy costs.

  • Devising new business models to minimize carbon emissions: It is essential to innovate and adopt new business models in the power and energy segment owing to the accelerated demand from various industrial segments. Amongst such factors are the growing reliance on hydrocarbons for energy generation, the drop in prices of energy derived from renewable sources, and the shift toward electric vehicles.

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About the Client

A multi-million dollar firm in the power and energy industry.

Client’s Challenge

To make effective supply chain decisions to preempt supply chain disruptions and overstock situations, the client – a power and energy industry major – approached Quantzig. The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s expertise in supply chain analytics to bring about double-digit improvements in markdown percentages.

Benefits of Our Supply Chain Analytics Solution

power and energy

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Business Impact

Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solution enabled the power and energy industry client to drill down to the root cause of their poor supply chain performance. Our solutions were presented in the form of actionable insights on the latest supply chain conditions. Also, the solutions offered by the supply chain analytics experts at Quantzig assisted the power and energy client to enhance their supply chain efficiency.

Supply Chain Analytics Solution Insights

While several leaders in the energy market consider their supply network to be a source of financial risk, a few perceive competitive opportunities. Also, the advent of new technologies such as smart sensors to advanced analytic solutions such as supply chain analytics are rapidly transforming traditional, linear supply chain systems into intelligent, connected, and customizable supply networks that drive sustainable growth.

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Strategies that we recommend based on supply chain analytics help power and energy firms to reduce the impact of demand uncertainty and supply chain risks. Additionally, the dynamic nature of the supply chain and the current geopolitical solutions often lead to unforeseen interruptions in the global supply network, including shipment delays and supply shortages. To overcome such challenges and gain a competitive edge, organizations need to be nimbler in responding to the dynamic market trends. To accomplish such tasks, our supply chain analytics solutions leverage data from a multitude of sources across an organization’s supply network to cater to the dynamic needs of an organization. So, go ahead and build the required capability to gain that competitive advantage to stay ahead of your peers!

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