Real-time Customer Feedback and Big Data Analytics Improves Customer Satisfaction for a Logistics Company

Feb 27, 2023

What You’ll Find in this Case Study:

  • Big Data in Logistics Challenge Faced by the Client
  • Big Data Logistics Solution Delivered by Quantzig
  • Impact Analysis of Quantzig’s Solutions

Big Data in Logistics Challenge Faced by the Client

Real time customer feedback for measuring customer satisfaction

A leading logistics client wanted to develop real-time customer feedback and analysis framework to measure customer satisfaction levels.

Situation: Need for new analytics based customer feedback process

The client had an existing survey based process for customer feedback which was old and was not capturing valuable customer data. The client wanted to run a customer satisfaction program and was looking for real-time data stream for analysis.

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Big Data Logistics Solution Delivered by Quantzig

Big data analytics with prioritization framework

We conducted customer analysis and setup customer satisfaction process. The big data analytics model was created to collect and aggregate the customer data on areas such as billing, complaints, repairs, contracts and contact center calls. The model provided real-time feedback with prioritization framework and risk flagging methodology.

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Impact Analysis of Quantzig’s Solutions

Reduction in customer complaints and improved satisfaction

The client gained a structured process to track customer advocacy and measure organizational effectiveness. This helped in real-time customer interaction mapping and flagging risk episodes. As a result, there was a considerable reduction in complaints with improved proactive issue resolution mechanisms, as well as greater customer satisfaction.

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