Sales Force Effectiveness Analytics for a Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

Jun 29, 2017

Sales force is one of the most effective channels to engage with customers. It helps companies to improve their sales performance and sales revenue, thereby ensuring the best possible return on investment. Although the sales force is expensive and constitutes nearly 10% of the revenue in a company, it can be improved in numerous ways. Sales force effectiveness initiatives help in identifying, prioritizing, and then closing gaps in the sales strategy and executing capabilities to capture specific growth opportunities. Although the sales force plays a vital role in the growth of the companies, robust investments should be made to generate revenue growth.

Quantzig’s sales force effectiveness analytics help healthcare and medical device companies identify gaps in the sales force to optimize the overall sales performance of the company. We help clients devise new strategies to accelerate lead generation, gain a thorough understanding of their funnel sales, identify potential factors that generate and drive sales.

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The Business Challenge

The growth and sales revenue was consistently declining for five years which impelled the client to analyze their sales performance based on quantitative and measurable inputs and improve the effectiveness of their sales force across various regions.

Our Approach

The Quantzig team worked closely with the company to identify growth drivers, address structural and organizational changes, and revisit marketing and sales strategies. By analyzing the information obtained from various sources such as sales data, account data, product data, and revenue data, our analytics team developed a detailed customer targeting model to refocus and support the sales team. A roadmap guided the transition from a competitive sales force approach to an integrated model of coordinated marketing and sales plans.

Sales force effectiveness

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Sales Force Effectiveness Analytics Benefits

  • Identify key factors that drive sales
  • Understand sales force optimization and improve sales revenue
  • Create a detailed customer targeting model to support the sales team

Sales Force Effectiveness Predictive Insights

  • Helped increase sales by 10 percent as a result of improved sales methods
  • Analyze customers and identify new target products
  • Boost the productivity of sales representatives through better business strategies
  • Devise new incentive plan to encourage the sales force to drive better results

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