Sales Force Effectiveness Analytics for a Leading Pharma Company

Jun 27, 2017

Highlights of the Sales Force Effectiveness Case Study

ClientA leading global pharmaceutical company
ChallengeTo create a holistic profile of physicians needs to promote different products and stay ahead of the shifting market dynamics
Solution ImpactOptimized sales process for maximum customer value and sales performance, increase sales team effectiveness, maximized returns

SFE Analytics Benefits for Pharma Companies

Sales force is one of the most effective channels to understand physicians’ and customers’ needs in the pharma industry. An in-depth analysis of sales force effectiveness is essential in developing and restructuring sales models around physician access and detailing channels. Therefore, an increasing number of pharma companies are relying on analytics to support sales force needs and find new opportunities. Sales force effectiveness analysis helps companies align various strategic goals with sales effort and enhance their sales force decisions by supporting their ongoing sales needs.

Although sales force is an effective communication channel, pharma companies need a better way to serve physicians as per their communication choices. Quantzig’s sales force effectiveness analytics is much different from the sales analytics where the data is all about customers’ behavior and buying experience. The assessment helps allocate more promotional efforts and target new types of customers. Sales force analytics improves the quality of decisions made by salespeople, managers, and industry leaders.

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The Business Challenge

One of the leading pharma companies that wanted to create a holistic profile of physicians needs to promote different products and stay ahead of the shifting market dynamics. Quantzig performed sales force effectiveness analysis to identify metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their existing sales force.

Our Approach

By analyzing various sales data, physicians’ needs, and customers’ needs, Quantzig’s analytics team articulated a new sales strategy. The team captured indicators to analyze the performance management of the sales force. Our sales analytics tools helped the client develop a sales map for success.

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Sales Force Effectiveness Analytics Benefits

  • The optimized sales process for maximum customer value and sales performance
  • Helped the sales team be more effective than before
  • Maximized the return with the existing salesforce
  • Gained insights into customers and products
  • Improved performance management

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Sales Force Effectiveness Predictive Insights

  • Improved hiring and retention of sales talent to perform at their best
  • Partnered with sales leaders and stakeholders to set priorities and direction for the sales force
  • Reinvented sales approach to respond to new market and customers
  • Boosted sales reps’ productivity by helping the existing ones sell better
  • Designed a new incentive plan to motivate and drive results among the existing sales force team

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