How Telecom Major Used Social Media Analysis to Understand the Sentiment of their Customers?

Sep 2, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study 

Particulars Description 
Client A global telecom service provider with a presence in multiple countries, partnered with Quantzig to use social media analysis to understand the sentiment of its customers. 
Business Challenge The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s social media engagement team to find relevant topics, key influencers, and ways to boost customer interaction. It wanted to invest significantly in social media advertising. 
Impact Quantzig helped the client build customer analytics and sentiment analytics to automatically extract, recognize, and learn from subjective information and emotional states by leveraging natural language processing. 

Game-Changing Solutions for the Telecom Industry 

Social media is a fantastic source for discovering customers’ feelings regarding a company’s offerings. Globally, there will be 4.6 billion social media users by 2022, a rise of 10% from the previous year. This indicates that a sizable audience reads customer feedback on social media. This business needs to evaluate and respond appropriately to customer feedback on social media to stand out in the market. Companies must interact proactively with customers about their negative experiences and try to alleviate the issues and concerns. According to a recent study, customers can spend up to 40% more when businesses respond to their social media demands. It is essential for companies to analyze customer reviews and derive actionable insight from them.  

Quantzig’s customer analytics tools give telecoms data-supported insights on current technology, services, products, shifting market trends, customer wants, and unmet needs that need to be addressed by the respective businesses. Additionally, our AI analytics tools help companies in the telecommunications sector innovate and create successful marketing plans and campaigns.  

The Challenges of the Telecom Client 

A global telecom service provider with a presence in multiple countries, partnered with Quantzig to use our social media analysis tools to understand consumer sentiment. The company was planning to invest in social media advertising and needed to understand the factors influencing clients.  

The client could not leverage sentiment analysis to gauge areas of interest for its customers as they were using social media monitoring tools that could not be customized. They engaged Quantzig’s social listening engagement team to find relevant topics, key influencers, and ways to boost customer interaction. Moreover, customer data was scattered across many departments, making it difficult to gain insights and understand the impact of its marketing initiatives and broad industry trends. The client needed Quantzig’s customer analytics and competitive intelligence solutions to expand its market reach, provide value-added services to customers and take advantage of the untapped revenue generation potential. Some of the issues that our client was struggling with include:   

  • Inflated costs  
  • Poor customer service  
  • Complex operational processes  
  • Positioning quick and personalized customer service  

With Quantzig’s social media analysis, our client wanted to gain competitive intelligence solutions to not only expand their market reach, rather implement a revenue operations function as well.

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Quantzig’s Social Media Analysis and Sentiment Analytics Solutions 

Quantzig helped the client build customer analytics and sentiment analytics to automatically extract, recognize, and learn from personal information and emotional states by leveraging natural language processing (NLP).  

The sentiment analysis tool from Quantzig is frequently used to examine the opinions and responses to the client’s products. Quantzig’s solution assists in assessing social media interactions after the launch of a particular campaign and can reveal the campaign’s performance and the trend to follow for any subsequent connected actions. Sentiment analysis can thus be used to gauge consumer experience.  The client could therefore create and assess marketing campaigns and apply high-quality targeting utilizing the information they had collected about their subscribers.  

Quantzig also helped the client aggregate customer experience data from social media, such as customer profiles, call details, and other relevant data points, to better handle and track its customers’ complaints and concerns. Using programmable parameters, Quantzig also assisted in analyzing customer call history and identifying the subscriber’s social groups. Our analytics system has been designed to analyze and enable the following attributes:  

  • Smart targeting of customers  
  • Analyzing customer sentiments  
  • Assessing customer preferences  
  • Creating subscriber profiles  
  • Calculating profitability for each customer group  
Social Media Analysis

Impact Analysis of Customer Intelligence and Advanced Telecom Analytics Solutions  

Quantzig’s customer intelligence and advanced telecom analytics solutions helped the client identify trends and patterns for new market opportunities faster than its competitors. Due to the growing significance of Internet-enabled services, the telecommunications sector is continually evolving. As a result, telecom companies need to understand how users respond to diverse services and content.  

The solutions provided by Quantzig offer the client a better understanding of its customer base, which will help to consistently increase its market share, generate insights for NPD, retain customers, and acquire new ones. Big data was used to process this information and deliver real-time client support.  

Key Outcomes of Social Media Analysis

The modern-day technology that creates each customer’s digital footprint is a treasure trove of information from which a lot of consumer-specific data can be mined. This information appears on social media networks in the form of comments, likes, searches, etc., which gives telecommunication companies many opportunities to cater to consumer needs. Our intervention helped the client gauge customer sentiment about its products and services and thus provided it with the opportunity to modify and improve services per the expectations of its target audience. This led to better marketing campaigns and optimum bundling of services with a resultant increase in satisfied customers and higher revenues.  

Broad Perspective on the Role of Customer Analytics in the Telecom Sector 

In the past, businesses employed conventional techniques, such as surveys and focused groups, to learn how customers felt about their goods. These days companies can leverage big data analytics to mine massive amounts of data, such as social media data, to gain a more accurate understanding of customer opinions. Sentiment analysis is currently a branch of NLP.  

Quantzig can provide detailed customer analytics solutions to provide insights into consumers’ needs and wants, which can help businesses create and position products that cater to different customer profiles and demographics. 

Key Takeaways – Social Media Analysis

Quantzig’s advanced analytics solutions helped the client unlock the following benefits: 

  • Attract new subscribers  
  • Improve social engagement  
  • Increase operators’ revenues  
  • Resolve customer issues in real-time  

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