Supply Chain Analysis Minimized Inventory Levels for Media and Entertainment Industry Client (Case Study)

Jan 4, 2023

What You Can Expect from the Supply Chain Analytics Case Study

  • Entertainment Industry Analysis
  • About the Client
  • Business Challenge
  • Supply Chain Analytics Solution and Business Impact
  • Supply Chain Analysis Predictive Insights

Highlights of the Supply Chain Analysis Case Study

ClientA global M&E player
Business ChallengeTo optimize supply chain processes; gauge vendor performance
Decrease in procurement costs13% reduction in procurement costs
Improvement in operational efficiency18% improvement in operational efficiency
Reduction in inventory holding costs16% reduction in inventory holding costs

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Supply Chain Analysis

The relentless pricing pressure and ever-increasing customer expectations are some of the factors forcing leading media and entertainment industry companies to look for promising solutions to improve their process efficiency. Also, with the recent economic slowdown, entertainment industry companies are looking for solutions to stay on par with the rising production costs. To monitor and predict vendor performance, companies in the media and entertainment industry are advocating the need for supply chain analytics. Furthermore, through a robust supply chain analysis, businesses can minimize inventory costs and mitigate the risks associated with the supply chain. Also, supply chain analysis helps leading media and entertainment companies to redefine and measure their supply chain performance.

To gain more insights into the supply-chain activities and make informed business decisions, businesses in the media and entertainment space are approaching companies like Quantzig. Quantzig’s supply chain analysis helps entertainment industry companies gain better visibility into their supply chain processes to increase supply chain responsiveness, optimize cost, and further minimize customer impact.

About the Client

The client is a leading media and entertainment industry client with a considerable number of offices spread across the globe.

The Business Challenge

The client was facing predicaments analyzing their supplier chain statistics. The client wanted to leverage the use of supply chain analytics to deliver better quality services cost-effectively. Furthermore, the client wanted to redefine and measure their supply chain to increase profitability and measure vendor performance. Also, the client wanted to optimize the existing logistics and route operations to minimize inventory levels and monitor the vendor risk and performance in the media and entertainment space.

After attending one of our webinars, the client decided to connect with our experts to leverage a superior supply chain analytics function.

Several factors are expected to impact the growth of the media and entertainment industry, contact us to gain detailed insights into these factors.

Supply Chain Analytics Solution and Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s supply chain analytics, the entertainment industry client was able to reduce costs associated with the supply chain and drive sustainable growth. Furthermore, the client was able to develop supply chain strategies to serve the needs of the customers and maximize overall profitability. The engagement also helped the client measure the vendor’s performance to mitigate future risks. Also, the engagement assisted the client to identify revenue opportunities and enhance inventory management.

The business impact of supply chain analysis solution in the client’s organization:

  • 13% decrease in procurement costs
  • 18% improvement in operational efficiency
  • 16% reduction in inventory holding costs

Improve supply chain planning, reduce excess spending, reduce wastage and excess inventory costs, improve the demand forecast, demand planning process, and capacity planning process with Quantzig’s advanced supply chain analytics solutions. Sign up for a no-cost pilot today.

Supply Chain Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Reduce operational costs and manage the content supply chain
  • Identify the best practices and manage digital content more effectively
  • Aid in supply chain rationalization to improve the operational performance
  • Manage demand volatility and the cost fluctuations in the supply chain

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