Sentiment Analysis: Improving Customer Experience for a Video Game Industry Client

May 22, 2018

Highlights of the Sentiment Analysis Case Study

ClientAn American video game company headquartered in California
ChallengeTo address customer attrition levels and boost loyalty
Solution ImpactIdentified the potential competitors in the video game industry and gained relevant insights on the brand. This further helped the client determine the perception of the customers toward the brand

Summary of the Global Video Game Industry

The video game industry is a billion-dollar market and has been for many years. The industry as a whole is expected to reach a value of over USD 90 billion by 2020 and PC gaming is expected to be one of the principal drivers of the growth – though mostly via hardware and online game services rather than traditional sales.

Some elements of the video game industry, such as eSports, are expected to increase drastically in revenues and value in the future due to increasing public coverage and higher sponsorship proceeds. Moreover, instead of generating revenues through the sale of hard copy games, companies in this industry will primarily create earnings through in-game purchases.

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Industry Challenges

  • Implementation of augmented and virtual reality: To differentiate themselves from their competitors, video game industry players are incorporating advanced technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. Also, these technologies are gaining traction due to their ability to enhance gaming capability.
  • Targeted advertising: Today, organizations have started opting for targeted advertising strategies to maximize ROI by targeting potential customer segments. Targeted advertising helps companies gain a better understanding of their target market and achieve better results with the advertising campaigns. Therefore, it is crucial for every company in the video game industry space to adopt targeted advertising.

Engagement Summary

About the Client

An American video game company headquartered in California.

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Client’s Challenge

To understand the customers’ perception of the product offerings and develop strategies to respond to their campaigns and product launches – the client, a market leader in the video game industry – approached Quantzig to perform customer sentiment analysis. The client was facing challenges in understanding the opinion of the customers and assessing their opinion and attitude. As a result, the client wanted to monitor how customers feel about the brand and listen to their issues.

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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s sentiment analysis, the video game industry client proactively gained insights into the customer’s attitudes about the brand. The client also increased their focus on identifying feedback sources to define new targets and pursue the most promising opportunities. The engagement also focused on expressing the emotions of the client through social media platforms. This helped the client improve customer experience and establish a firm presence in the video game market space.

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Sentiment Analysis Solution Insights

Quantzig’s sentiment analysis solutions help firms in the global media and entertainment space to comprehend the current and future end-user purchase decisions, brand affiliations, and opinions toward a brand. These solutions also help firms benchmark their performance against the competitors to gain a competitive edge in the video game industry space. Furthermore, these solutions also help firms actively combine information from social networking sites and identify sources to define new targets.

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