Do you have your strategy ready for your e-commerce business? Every day there is a new online store that comes up on the platform. To thrive in this competitive environment, e-commerce business owners need to go above and beyond their core capabilities. This is where web crawling and text mining can prove to be one of the most important tools of the trade. Leveraging web crawling and text mining for an e-commerce business, helps strategy and business development stakeholders make better decisions over their competitors. It also provides great insights on123 understanding trends and various marketing channels that are doing great. With the enormous amount of public data that is being generated, a customer is well informed about the product features, competitive prices, delivery lead times, failure rates and customer reviews, etc.

At Quantzig, we believe that web crawling and text mining solutions help create a broader picture of the company’s existing market space, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential for new products and services from numerous sources of information. Primary sources of raw data for such an analysis include surveys, sales logs, and social media. This webinar focuses on how the e-commerce revolution across the globe has created a significant impact on customer purchase lifecycle and behavior.

Thanks to the availability of an enormous amount of public e-commerce data, the modern-age customers are well informed about product features, competitive prices, delivery lead times, failure rates, customer reviews, etc. In such a situation, it becomes imperative for leading companies to stay ahead of their peers by leveraging the public e-commerce data to fine-tune pricing, product, and promotional strategies to retain customers and market shares. This upcoming webinar focuses on how VPs/Directors/Sr.Managers can leverage next-generation web crawling and text mining techniques to improve their business strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

Here’s an insight into the top three questions that our 45 minutes’ webinar will address:


Understand best practices and challenges associated with web crawling based business analytics

– Learn about web crawling based analytics success stories

– Explore pros and cons of tool-based vs. services-based analytics deployment models

This webinar on how to leverage next-generation web crawling and text mining techniques will help businesses in the e-commerce industry make right decisions and stay abreast of the latest trends with our expert advisory and strategic research services.

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