The most dynamic part of your business is your supply chain – it needs to cater to demand variances, adapt to new technologies and market structure, and incorporate downstream risks to meet the challenging needs of tomorrow and beyond. With this amount of complexity in the real world, companies are often languorous about dynamically tweaking supply chain parameters to reduce inefficiencies that lead to bullwhip effects and sub-optimal business outcomes. Using today’s tools and open-source technologies, supply chain solutions can be custom-crafted to substantially improve supply chain planning and processes.

Quantzig’s SMEs are organizing a webinar – From Data to Action – Use of Advanced Analytics in Supply Chain Management, on 22nd and 23rd June 2021, to help you learn how you can build an agile, transparent, and robust supply chain organization of the future – all with the help of advanced analytics, simulation, and optimization solutions.

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Topics Covered

  • Technologies reshaping modern supply chains
  • Create the winning supply chain strategy
  • Where to begin? – Steps to optimize your supply chain

Market volatility, dynamic demands, supplier management, and excess spends — tackling all these challenges is difficult for organizations that lack robust data-backed supply chain management. Supply chain analytics, therefore, acts as a nexus between industries and the gigantic troves of supply chain information lying at their disposal.

– Supply Chain Analytics Experts at Quantzig

In this webinar, two of our subject matter experts – Sudarshan and Lalith – will share their first-hand knowledge on the approach to substantially improve supply chain processes and eliminate inefficiencies that lead to sub-optimal business outcomes.

Speakers’ Profiles

Sudarshan K Lakshminarayana has more than ten years of experience in the field of analytics, management consulting, and technology. He has implemented supply chain, manufacturing, and marketing decision sciences solutions for large companies across industries such as CPG, financial services, technology, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals. He has tremendous experience in conceptualizing and building advanced supply chain solutions, system dynamics, marketing ROI models, and customer and pricing analytics engagements for Fortune 500 clients across industries.

Velamuri V S Lalith Kumar is a Lead Data Scientist at Quantzig with over five years of experience ideating high-impact analytical solutions to complex sales and promotional challenges in manufacturing, marketing, trade spend, and revenue management aspects of organizations across retail, CPG, manufacturing, and logistics industries. He has implemented cutting-edge advanced analytics concepts and developed custom statistical algorithms to solve some of the niche challenges and optimize the current analytically-driven organizations for them to be ready for tomorrow.

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