Top 3 Challenges in the Fast Food Industry

Dec 18, 2017

The changing lifestyle of people and the increasing pace of living have inspired the birth and popularity of the fast food industry. Companies in the fast food industry have carved for themselves a special place in our hearts to such an extent that despite rumors and reports of the health impacts that fast food can have on our body, our love for fast food continues to remain strong and unaltered. Players in the fast food industry are minting money owing to the growing demand for food products around the globe. Fast food chains, such as McDonald’s and  Domino’s Pizza, have given rise to the franchising revolution around the world, which has proved to be a smooth medium of expansion and profitability for players in the industry.

However, like every other industry, the fast food industry is not free of setbacks and challenges. Let us discuss a few of them here to see the bigger picture of the hindrances awaiting companies operating in this industry:

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Fast Food Industry Challenges

People’s Shift to Healthier Lifestyles

It is no secret that ‘unhealthy’ is a synonym for fast food; it is not called ‘junk food’ for no reason. But that doesn’t stop our glutton monsters from devouring these carb-rich food items. Lately, there has been a noticeable change in this trend, especially with the increasing awareness of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. People are becoming more diet and health-conscious by the day, by limiting and, in some cases, entirely avoiding fast food and switching over to healthier food options.

Rising Competition

The fast food industry is undoubtedly one of the most competitive industries in the world, and the level of rivalry among players only intensifies with the implementation of expansion strategies. Each brand in this market is striving hard to differentiate themselves from the competitors; this just increases the level of existing competition and rivalry in the market.

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The Threat of Being Sued

With the laws on nutritional disclosure for food products becoming more stringent, it has become essential for fast food chains to make serious alterations and healthier additions to their menus. Various examples of customers who have sued fast food brands for causing obesity and cultivating unhealthy eating habits have made the players in this industry more alert, forcing them to paint a healthy picture of themselves in the minds of customers.

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