5 Retail Marketing Trends to Supercharge Your Business This Season

Aug 24, 2018

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Shopping is soon going to be all about long-lasting and unforgettable experiences for customers. Customers will be immersed in a world of choices, convenience, and fun-filled shopping experience. Retailers are now relying excessively on technology, not only to promote their in-store offerings but also to effectively reach out to their potential customers. Also, retail companies now have access to large databases of customer details. The recent marketing trends in retail are aimed at leveraging this data to target customers based on their shopping patterns. Here are some of the marketing trends that brands must incorporate as a part of their retail marketing strategy to put out a tough fight for competitors in the market:

Retail Marketing Trends 2018

Voice search as a shopping assistant

Voice assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are slowly becoming common household names and are consequently one of the most popular marketing trends to watch out for. These voice assistants are now an integral element of the retail marketing strategy of many prominent brands.  For instance, in 2017, Monoprix, a leading French retail brand partnered with Google Home to launch a voice application that allows customers to create a shopping list by simply speaking to a chatbot that recommended products based on the user’s buying habits. This ensures a faster path to purchase for customers.

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Product customization

Product personalization or customization is the new fad among customers. They want unique products that are designed to suit their taste or means something to them. Personalization is among the popular marketing trends that we have on our list this season. This retail marketing strategy is a great way to attract the customers who place more importance on the experience rather than just the physical items or commodities.

Website and app partnerships

The rise in technology has taken shopping away from just the in-store experiences to digital screens. One of the common marketing trends we see today is brands partnering with websites or apps that are focused on promotions, deals, and loyalty. Furthermore, retailers are found to get maximum returns on their investments from general deal websites and apps, which provide a comprehensive digital marketing solution and drive brand awareness and revenue through a multitude of channels.

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Point of sale to point of experience

Forward-thinking retailers are giving immense emphasis to the customer experience. Brands have realized that consumers expect more than just shopping from retail stores today. Hence, customer experience is winning an important position in the retail marketing strategy of several prominent brands across the globe. Proving customers with experiences that associate them with enriching opportunities and increase store visits and revenue are some of the retail marketing trends to watch out for in the near future.

In-home services, delivery, and consultations

Convenience is an important factor that most customers consider while making their shopping decisions. Marketers have identified retail marketing trends such as free delivery and in-home services to appeal greatly to modern customers who prefer getting things done in the comfort of their homes. Several retailers are using this as a retail marketing strategy to engage customers by connecting with them in their homes.

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