Quantitative Benefits of Advanced Planning and Scheduling Optimization in Pharma

Jun 24, 2020

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In the current business setting, drug manufacturers and biomedical companies face several challenges that curtail the ability to ensure OTIF deliveries, manage inventories, and optimize resource utilization. The real challenge, however, lies in responding to shorter lead times and managing unexpected events like pandemic outbreaks, demand surges, and changes in customer priorities. At a time when pharma companies are witnessing major upheavals and growing pressures to reduce prices, production errors coupled with inefficiencies in advanced planning and scheduling optimization can have a huge impact on drug manufacturing. Since drug discovery and development is a resource-heavy process, drug manufacturers must look for reliable ways to reduce costs while ensuring compliance and quality standards.

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Optimization

To orchestrate manufacturing processes and make the most of the deployed workforce and equipment, pharma today requires a data-driven advanced planning and scheduling optimization system. Unlike traditional ERP systems, the use of advanced planning and scheduling optimization platforms enable drug manufacturers to manage complex and interdependent processes and evaluate capacity quickly and easily. Moreover, with a holistic view of drug manufacturing and production processes, requirements can be monitored in real-time and raw materials can be ordered to arrive just-in-time, thereby reducing inventory holding costs, avoiding production delays, and improving cash flow.

Our scheduling optimization analytics platforms integrate customizable modules to deliver superior efficiency and better outcomes at a lower cost and a shorter time span. Request a FREE proposal for detailed insights.

Common Drug Manufacturing Challenges

Cross-contamination risks: Contamination risks in drug manufacturing has turned out to be a huge concern not only to the drug manufacturers but the pharma industry as a whole. Scrutinizing manufacturing processes, tightening manufacturing requirements, and initiating stricter regulatory guidelines through advanced production planning and schedule optimization can help tackle this challenge.

Raw material shortages:  Owing to curbs on imports from China, drug manufacturers are now facing shortages of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other raw materials required for manufacturing tablets, capsules, and vaccines. Such shortages can impact production schedules leading to high costs and scheduling inefficiencies.

Quality control equipment availability: Drug manufacturing processes that entail QC inspection will be constrained by the availability of the equipment. With advanced planning and scheduling optimization, the operation can be scheduled depending on the availability of both the primary and secondary resources.

Holding time constraints: Drugs have restricted inventory holding time as they can expire if it’s held for a prolonged period. The planning and scheduling of drugs in batches will ensure the holding time, as specified in the inventory plan, is not infringed.

How Quantzig’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Optimization Can Help Your Business

Quantzig’s unique approach to planning and scheduling optimization helps track resource availability and equipment utilization rates to optimally allocate raw materials and streamline manufacturing processes. Adopting a data-led approach to optimizing production schedules can enable better resource planning, shift alignment, and capacity allocation based on the current availability of manpower to ensure that priority products are manufactured in adequate quantities to meet the market demand. Besides, we offer end-to-end solutions for labor planning and resource scheduling with near-real-time dashboards for providing prescriptive insights that ensure there is minimum time lost in planning and mitigating pandemic-induced risks.

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Benefits of Advanced Planning and Scheduling Optimization in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Based on a detailed understanding of the drug manufacturing processes and the challenges facing the pharma industry, our experts suggest that an Advanced Planning and Scheduling Optimization Platform can help drive improvements in the following ways:

  • 30-45 percent increase in plant productivity
  • 70-80 percent reduction in scheduling labor overhead
  • Measurable improvement in delivery performance
  • Up to 25 percent reduction in raw material and WIP
  • Real-time insights on manufacturing operations leading to enhanced decision making

Why Choose Quantzig’s Scheduling Optimization Analytics Solutions?

For more than a decade, Quantzig’s advanced planning and scheduling optimization solutions have helped leading pharmaceutical companies to enhance operations and build more effective, profitable businesses.

Quantzig is proud to play an active role in helping pharma companies manage uncertainty through these unprecedented times. Request for information to learn how we’ve helped Fortune 500 pharma companies.

We’ve got the right solutions and analytics expertise to help drive success. Our capabilities include:

  • Industry-leading solutions for advanced automation and process control
  • Advanced methodologies for data capture, analysis, and insight generation that improve process transparency and traceability
  • A unique data-driven approach that reduces risks and accelerates project schedules to drive production outcomes
  • Personalized solutions and extended support services that keep plants and businesses running efficiently, reliably, and safely

Ready to Harness Game-Changing Insights?

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