Big Data in The Healthcare Industry: The Challenges

Oct 10, 2017

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The way the healthcare industry functions has been changing over the years. From developments in clinical operations to the introduction of new technologies such as big data analytics, the healthcare industry is venturing into new areas of improvement. Gone are the days when the healthcare industry used electronic health records merely for data entry; now they are using this data to pull actionable insights by leveraging big data analytics. However, big data analytics comes with challenges of its own, especially in the case of the healthcare industry since it deals with vast and complex data.

Accuracy of Data

Capturing data that is clean, complete, and accurate is one of the leading challenges faced by the healthcare industry. In many cases, the hospital records do not match the patient’s file. This happens because of the extensive database that is being dealt with, which may result in an error during data entry and poses a problem in getting accurate results when it comes to extracting the required data using big data analytics.

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Most of the organizations are moving from on-premise storage to cloud storage owing to the bunding amount of data that is getting added to their database. Big data analytics takes into account a significant amount of complex data. Hence, it becomes essential for companies to have all the information in place without disposing of the data.

Security of Sensitive Data

With various hacking and ransomware episodes in recent times, data security is becoming a critical issue for the healthcare industry. However, even tightly secured data is not free from such security issues. So, it becomes crucial for the healthcare industry players to safeguard their highly sensitive records from such instances.

Update Records

The healthcare industry deals with large volumes of dynamic data that needs to be updated from time to time. They must also ensure that there is no duplication of data while attempting to upgrade the existing data.

Sharing Data with External Partners

The number of times a patient receiving all the treatment and care at a single location is limited. Therefore, it is essential to share the vital information from a patient’s database to the external partners. But there is a fundamental difference in the way the electronic health records are maintained in different organizations in the healthcare and medical industry, which makes it difficult to transfer data between partners.

Big data analytics plays a vital role in helping the healthcare industry manage and extract useful information from its complex database. However, big data analytics has numerous drawbacks related to data integrity concerns, security, and visualization, which makes it extremely challenging for the healthcare industry to manage their data and ensure data security at the same time.

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