How Quantzig Can Help Pharma Companies Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

Mar 24, 2020

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The pharma industry is one of the most complex and highly regulated lines of business today. It plays a crucial role in the discovery, production, and distribution of drugs and other healthcare supplies. Though the impact of the high levels of scrutiny and digitization is quite evident in the drug manufacturing and R&D processes, one area that still needs a digital face-lift is the pharma supply chain. 

Today the pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a watershed moment, owing to the rapid developments, supply chain disruptions, and innovations in drug development. To tackle the challenges and address the ever-growing needs, leading pharma companies have invested a significant amount of time and money in discovering, manufacturing, and marketing medicines more efficiently, but they’ve invested relatively little effort in reconfiguring their manufacturing and distribution operations to date. 

“One in two pharma companies say supply chain digitization is one of their top three priorities to tackle supply chain disruptions at an organization level,” says a pharma supply chain analytics expert at Quantzig.

The right investments in demand, supply, and distribution capabilities can unlock significant value to both pharma companies and the entire healthcare value chain. Request for a free proposal to get started!

Strategic Importance of Pharma Supply Chain Digitization Using Advanced Analytics

The pharma supply chain once considered a back-office function now represents a critical and strategic element in achieving business goals. Propelled by digital supply chain disruptions, the pharma supply chain is at a critical pivot point where the move to digital supply networks is increasingly seen as a necessity. The right investments in demand, supply, and distribution capabilities can unlock significant value to both pharma companies and the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Industry 5.0 Driving Supply Chain Disruptions

The digitization of the pharma supply chain network in the wake of industry 5.0 has given rise to several value-driving opportunities for pharma companies, with the potential to make a significant difference to their business outcome. Our experience in working with top pharma companies has empowered us to better understand the supply chain challenges facing pharma companies, the digital initiatives that are gaining momentum, and how top pharma companies are leveraging supply chain analytics to tackle disruptions.

With the explosion of new technologies and massive transformations within the pharma industry space, it’s crucial for pharma companies to innovate and tackle supply chain disruptions using advanced supply chain analytics. In such a scenario, how can pharma companies prepare for this new reality and sustain a leading edge in today’s complex environment? And how should pharma companies transform their operating models to tackle supply chain disruptions?

Having collaborated with top pharma companies we understand your challenges better. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you tackle pharma supply chain disruptions.

According to our pharma supply chain analytics experts, “Pharma companies should chart their progression by leveraging analytics in supply chain management and set out to develop competencies that revolve around- improving domain knowledge by analyzing new data sources, analyzing the principles of behavioral data science to improve outcomes, developing predictive analytics and AI capabilities, and enabling cultural transformation.”

Supply Chain Challenges Facing Pharma Companies

Disconnected SCM Systems

Pharma companies that use traditional function-specific business and operations management systems find it challenging to share data and insights across segments. This is attributed to the siloed nature of data sets that are often unstructured and inaccurate, resulting in costly errors and oversight issues.

Complex, Interconnected Supply Chains

The advancements in technology have brought in waves of transformations that have helped pharma companies in several ways. But this has also led to a rise in complexity and supply chain disruptions making it difficult for businesses to tackle challenges using in-house tools and traditional systems.

Rising Costs & Margin Pressures

The spiraling costs associated with procuring advanced machines and automated systems for drug manufacturing have turned out to be a major concern for pharma companies globally. Though such investments promise to make the development of new drugs increasingly unaffordable for both companies and consumers, it is clear that all aspects of the drug discovery and development process should be examined for potential cost savings.

Pharma supply chain disruptions wreak havoc to business processes across the supply chain. Request for a free demo for insights on how we can help you tackle them.

Based on our interaction with key decision-makers, numerous forces are dictating the need for a supply chain overhaul including an increasing emphasis on outcomes, new products, new drug discovery models, the growing importance of emerging marks, and environmental pressures.

In short, pharma supply chains needs a radical overhaul, and we predict that it will undergo three key changes in 2020:

  1. Supply chain disruptions will intensify and mandate the need to deploy different supply chain analytics models for different product types and patient segments
  2. The pharma supply chain will become a key differentiator and source of economic value for all pharma companies
  3. The pharma supply chain will become a two-way channel, with digital data flowing upstream to drive the downstream flow of products and services, and vice-versa

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