Customer Segmentation in the Healthcare Industry

Oct 9, 2017

Patient Engagement

The concept of customer segmentation is widely accepted across industries such as retail and telecommunications. However, it has recently gained momentum in the healthcare industry as it allows hospitals and healthcare service providers to facilitate patient engagement and enables personalization. An effective customer segmentation strategy offers in-depth patient insights to the organizations in the healthcare industry. These insights help the players in the healthcare industry to understand their target market, their preferences, and address their needs to improve community health as a whole significantly. The patients can be segmented in different ways such as risk level and insurance coverage status among other patient demographics. Slowly but steadily healthcare organizations will have to adopt customer segmentation strategies to deliver effective medical care.

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Customer Segmentation and Healthcare Industry – Application

Healthcare organizations have access to large amounts of data from a variety of sources that can be leveraged to gain customer insights. But what are the benefits of customer segmentation in the healthcare industry, you ask? Here’s what.

  • Customer segmentation strategy can be leveraged to increase patient engagement to facilitate health management practices across the globe. With valuable insights on customer preferences, attitude, and motivation, the healthcare industry can use this to determine the best way to engage and communicate with the potential customers and also improve medical care
  • Develop apt, targeted, and marketing communication materials that coerce individuals to respond. The healthcare industry can gain in-depth insights regarding consumer attitudes and behavior to communicate and focus on one message
  • With the help of customer segmentation, the organizations can identify consumer segments, determine the providers, and develop their services accordingly to meet the consumer needs. Additionally, it helps the healthcare organizations to position their products and services in the market accurately
  • Once the players in the healthcare industry are aware of the consumer needs and preferences and the gaps in the market, the customer insights can be used to design new services or facilitate new product development

Enter Quantzig:

Quantzig’s team of customer segmentation experts helped a global healthcare industry player to optimize their sales force and marketing activities to improve their overall ROI. Moreover, the customer segmentation study helped the client to identify growth opportunities, tap market potential, prioritize customers, and improve service quality to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. Read the complete case study.

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