What Has Set the Alarm Bells Ringing in the Energy Sector? Top Challenges and Solutions

Dec 13, 2017

The human race’s greed for energy has reached unprecedented levels with the swelling world population and the gradual industrialization in developing countries. Excessive dependence on fossil fuels and increasing rate of depletion of other natural resources for harnessing energy has added to the turmoil in the energy sector. This trend has become one of the primary sources of concerns for scientists and environmentalists around the world. The recent trends have seen reforms in the energy sector with industries slowly switching over to renewable sources for generating energy. But will that be adequate to solve all the problems in the energy sector? What are the other significant challenges that are awaiting the energy sector? We have the answer:

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Digging Out the Problem: The Challenges

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Mounting Regulations

One of the significant challenges concerning the energy sector is the increasing number of regulations that are being imposed by the government. Due to the sensitive nature of the energy sector, the government and other regulatory bodies tend to keep constant tabs and close watch on this industry. And what’s worse? These regulations constantly keep changing, giving the players little time to cope.

Demand Exceeding Supply

Bridging the gap between the energy demand and supply is worrying the players in the energy sector.  While the energy sector companies seek to provide clean, reliable, and inexpensive energy from alternative sources, the role of fossil fuels is inevitable. But with limited resources available in hand and the falling price rates, the players in the energy sector are far from meeting the existing demands.

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 Environmental Concerns

Greenhouse emissions, climate change, and carbon footprints have become a prominent source of concern for the energy industry players and environmentalists alike. Also, the interference from government and other regulatory bodies in this regard is adding on to the tension that is already building up in the energy industry.

Finding Gold: The Solution

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While it is not possible to completely mitigate all the problems mounting in the energy industry in a jiffy, these measures can help ensure that they are more controlled:

Encourage the Growth of Alternate Sources – The need of the hour in the energy sector is to invest in extensive research to formulate new sources of harnessing the energy and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels to arrive at an optimum fuel mix.

Focusing on the Green Concept – By focusing on renewable and green sources of energy, companies in the energy industry will invite fewer regulatory interventions and will be able to reduce their carbon footprint.

Promoting Private Investment – By encouraging private investments in the energy industry, companies in this industry can ensure that they can invest enough in generating energy for meeting the rising consumer demands.

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