Industry Trends Changing the Face of Healthcare Marketing

May 27, 2018

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The healthcare industry is currently evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before. Traditionally, healthcare has been offered in purpose-built and readily identifiable healthcare facilities; the hospital, clinic, medical office building and typically as a standalone facility. Over time, the design of interior healthcare space has been influenced by trends in hospitality, commercial, “mixed-use” developments and specifically retail. Moreover, policy changes, industry innovation, and the evolution of information and technology and other industry trends, all propelled by a swelling wave of millennial momentum are ushering in a new era of healthcare. Hence, it has become highly imperative for healthcare marketing professionals and companies to approach audience engagement from an entirely new perspective. Furthermore, modern consumers are highly informed and empowered about the industry trends, therefore, healthcare marketing professionals must constantly update themselves to these changing needs. Here are some industry trends that we think will revolutionize the current healthcare marketing scenario:

Outcome-Based Healthcare

The healthcare industry is transforming into a completely ‘patient-centric’ sector. In the recent years, policy changes have emphasized a more patient-centric approach to healthcare, and the industry focus is shifting from disease and symptom management to overall health management. Outcome-based healthcare has become a more active part of industry trends than ever before, and this shift in mindset is changing how we look that the entire patient—not just the disease. Telemedicine, point-of-care treatment and testing, patient experience and affordability are also becoming major touchpoints of focus and change. Patients are altering their approach to when, how, and even why they receive treatment, which is contributing to a major shift in business models throughout the healthcare industry. This approach can be used in healthcare marketing to communicate the patient benefits of a particular treatment.

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Technology-Driven Healthcare

The impact of the technology-driven, big data, uber-information era we now live in is certainly not unique to healthcare, but its effect on treatment, operations and patient-doctor interaction within the industry are outstanding. Convenience and accessibility are expected and patients want their providers to be informed and have their voice heard. As far as healthcare marketing is concerned, marketers can use technology to help providers communicate better with the patients.

Evolution of Marketing

Marketers are now more accountable for revenue than ever before, and the ability to drive engagement is essential. This is the case for healthcare marketing as well. Consumers now have the control, the awareness and the tools to influence their own decisions more than ever before. In the current marketing scenario, it is vital for companies to provide their consumers with memorable experiences that inform, delight, and foster an emotional relationship, especially in an industry as emotionally-driven as healthcare.

Changing Business Models

For healthcare marketers and salespeople, business models are dynamic as well. With factors such as technological innovation, policy changes, and a powerful millennial influence driving behavioral changes in patients and healthcare professionals, we need to recognize that the audiences are also changing from a marketing standpoint. Engaging audiences with meaningful content across all of these touch points live and digitally—or both simultaneously—is essential to brand success in today’s era of marketing.

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