Against All Odds: How Machine Learning is Transforming Healthcare

Jul 31, 2018

Physician Journey

Patient outcomes have already taken the baton from products and services as the primary focus of healthcare providers. Medical companies are knuckling down to this trend and adopting advanced technologies like machine learning in healthcare to improve patient care and patient outcomes. Indeed, the use of machine learning in healthcare is slowly but steadily revolutionizing the healthcare industry. This technology has been playing a pivotal role in diagnosing diseases and other medical issues, which is one of the major healthcare industry challenges. While the healthcare industry is being transformed by the ability to record massive amounts of information about individual patients, the enormous volume of data being collected is impossible for human beings to analyze. Machine learning provides a way to automatically find patterns and analyze unstructured data. This enables healthcare professionals to move to a personalized care system, which is known as precision medicine.

The rise in clinical applications of machine learning has shed light on its transformative nature and ability to drive better clinical outcomes. Hence, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to make the most of this opportunity. Contact us for expert assistance.

Benefits of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Medical Imaging

Thanks to advanced technologies like deep learning and machine learning, computer visions are now one of the most remarkable breakthroughs in the healthcare industry. Top companies in the medical industry are trying to integrate cognitive computing with genomic tumor sequencing to help develop advanced precision medicines. Furthermore, by using machine learning in healthcare, it is also possible to detect diabetic retinopathy and macular edema in the photographs of the retinal fundus.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery has been gaining massive popularity in recent times. Machine learning technologies aim to add to what is already possible using robots for surgical procedures in the healthcare industry. Replacing human surgeons with robots have several benefits, including operations in tighter spaces, with finer detail, and drastically reducing the chances for human-based challenges such as trembling hands. Machine learning within robotic surgery mainly focusses around machine vision and is used to measure distances to a much higher degree of accuracy or identifying specific parts or organs within the body.

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Creating Electronic Smart Records

Today, there is an abundance of patient data in the healthcare industry. This has made it essential for companies in the healthcare industry to use smart electronic healthcare records. Machine learning applications in the creation of electronic smart records involve using records with built-in artificial intelligence or machine learning so as to assist with keeping medical records, interpreting health conditions, and suggesting treatment plans.

Optimize Clinical Trials

Using machine learning in healthcare, such as clinical research and trials, could provide healthcare industry players with several benefits including identifying ideal candidate groups based on factors such as genetics. It is believed that this would make clinical research trials less expensive in both financial terms and with regards to clinical resources.

To know more about the factors driving the use of machine learning in the healthcare industry, request more information from our experts.

Personalization of Treatment

The healthcare industry caters to patients with different treatment requirements. Medical personnel has long been debating the feasibility of personalized medication and treatment in the healthcare industry. With technological advances in healthcare devices, the use of artificial intelligence, and machine learning in healthcare, such treatments could soon become mainstream.

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