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Oct 22, 2019

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As product commoditization and standardization of services continue to fuel the radical shift towards a data-driven culture in retail— ‘marketing spend’ is poised to continue its unprecedented rise. Moreover, with leading retail organizations struggling to find the best-fit strategy to maximize benefits from their marketing investments its quite evident that a major retail challenge revolves around optimizing marketing spend.

In such a scenario, insights into marketing spend can not only help you drive bottom-line savings but can give you more control over your marketing strategies. Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions for retail comprise of a comprehensive suite of advanced analytics solutions curated by considering the challenges faced by retailers today. Our marketing analytics solutions can help you uncover bottlenecks and new opportunities as well as streamline operations for greater efficiency and control.

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Today there is a growing need for retailers to measure and optimize the impact of their marketing investments to improve the return on their marketing spend (MROI). Using advanced statistical models and machine learning techniques, Quanztig’s marketing analytics solutions aim to help retailers achieve their business objectives by offering actionable insights into past marketing activities and predicting the future effect of marketing tactics on sales. The intention is to drive business value by offering unprecedented visibility into marketing activities and factors that help drive sales.

How Can Quantzig’s Marketing Analytics Help Retailers?

  • Marketing analytics helps retailers to gauge the impact of a wide array of marketing channels that include traditional and non-traditional elements 
  • Advanced marketing mix models enable retailers to gauge the impact of media, consumer, and in-store promotions and analyze the differences in response across consumer groups
  • Adjust and refine the marketing mix by comparing your marketing strategy to the best practices in the industry
  • Advanced simulation tools and expert recommendations that help analyze what-if scenarios to improve your marketing plans


Unparalleled Visibility into Marketing Data

Our marketing analytics solutions help retailers to track both media that people are exposed to and what they buy. Such granular data assets in combination with external data sets can be help devise marketing mix models that help analyze the impact of underlying marketing strategies on revenue.

Best-in-class Analytics Solutions

Our marketing analytics solutions can help you drill down to a tactical level to analyze the campaign outcome and its impact on sales. With the right marketing analytics solutions at hand, retailers can gain access to leading statistical approaches and data modelling techniques that help analyze marketing data to draw conclusions on the marketing mix strategy.

Global Measurement Expertise

Having worked with retailers from across the globe, our marketing analytics experts and data scientists have the ability to provide region-specific marketing mix recommendations to tackle the challenges faced by retailers.

Gain limited-time complimentary access to our analytics platform to learn how our marketing analytics solutions help reduce maverick spend and empower retailers to identify profitable marketing channels that generate more qualified leads.

Our Marketing Analytics Capabilities

Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing mix models enables retailers to gain accurate insights on the ROI of their marketing investments. Quantzig’s advanced marketing mix modeling solutions empower businesses to decode data and quantify the impact of each element in the marketing mix. What differentiates our offerings is the fact that we offer granular insights and recommend customized models to skilfully tackle challenges faced by our clients.

Campaign Analytics

Off the shelf campaign management tools available today focus exclusively on the efficient management of the campaign workflow. Due to this, retailers tend to overlook the fact that one must leverage analytics to extract maximum value from marketing campaign data sets. To tackle this challenge, we’ve devised a comprehensive suite of advanced marketing analytics solutions that focus on campaign planning and budgeting to help retailers gauge the success of campaigns even before the launch.

Attribution Modeling

In today’s complex retail scenario, businesses often come across several touchpoints that illuminate the journey of the customer. Each customer touchpoint- organic searches to ad clicks offer valuable insights that can help identify customer preferences and needs. Quantzig’s attribution modeling solutions help bridge the gap between marketing campaigns and customer preferences by analyzing the value generated through marketing interactions.

Our marketing analytics experts are well-trained in marketing mix modeling and can help you devise suitable models to answer your most pressing marketing business questions. Learn more by getting in touch with our experts.

Why Choose Quantzig as Your Marketing Analytics Solution Provider?

With over 30+ experienced analytics experts and data scientists on staff, we help our clients excel beyond the status quo from in-house analytics expertise to the implementation of innovative analytics-driven solutions. What sets us apart is the winning combination of process knowledge, analytical rigor, people, and technology that help our client sets the right foot forward to attain global reach and enhance business value.

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