Three Applications of AI in the Medical Device Industry

Oct 30, 2019

medical device industry

Traditionally, players in the medical device industry have focused on delivering value through manufacturing and innovation alone. But this can no longer suffice as pressure on the medical industry has increased by three-folds owing to the foundational shifts in the business models. To succeed in the new normal those operating in the medical device industry will have to move out of their conventional roles and focus on integrating AI with their offerings to offer holistic solutions.

Today AI and analytics have become pervasive throughout the healthcare value chain, enhancing the ability of businesses to perform sophisticated data analysis to achieve improvements in numerous healthcare areas right from R&D to product development. Today, artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in managing patient data, streamlining medical diagnostics, and in enhancing the R&D efforts within the medical device industry. Moreover, with AI being analogous to human learning and decision-making, it has entrusted the ability to learn without the use of rule-based programming. This, in turn, has proved to be beneficial in empowering medical device industry players to model and gauge the impact of such transformations at a mind-boggling speed that has not been possible ever before.

With developments in AI and machine learning creating new opportunities for established and emerging companies across industries, it’s crucial for businesses to explore its true potential to succeed in the long-run. Request for a free proposal to learn how we can help.

Three Ways AI is Transforming the Medical Device Industry

Our analytics experts suggest the emerging trends of AI in the medical device industry fall in the three main categories listed below.

Patient Monitoring

Monitoring disease progression using AI and machine learning can help automate the delivery of treatments through advanced and connected smart devices.

Disease Management

The use of AI-driven platforms in scanning equipment can help businesses to improve the quality of care by enhancing clinical outcomes and reducing exposure to harmful radiation.

Product Development

With artificial intelligence, medical device industry players can automate complex calculations, data modeling, and product testing. This, in turn, helps refine their R&D and product development processes.

For businesses to stay on par with the ongoing technological developments its essential to integrate AI into the product development process and avoid cognitive biases that curtail outcomes. Contact us to learn more about our analytics capabilities.

While the applications of AI in the medical device industry is set to grow with every passing year, leading players in the medical device industry have started leveraging AI to improve business outcomes, design reliable devices, and improve the production process.

With AI bringing in new growth opportunities within the medical device industry, this sector is set to witness massive transformations, however unsustainable costs and new competitive forces are poised to curtail the development efforts. In such a scenario, if players in the medical device industry do not stake their claim in the evolving value chain, they risk being commoditized. This signifies that to gain a leading edge in the medical device industry, companies must focus on skillfully addressing the existing challenges rather than contributing to them.

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