Delivering Value Through Next-Gen Network Optimization Solutions for OTT Media Service Providers

Jul 3, 2020

Digital Media

As the demand for (Over-The-Top) OTT services grow globally, the ability of media service providers to manage network capacity and deliver exceptional customer service is being severely challenged. Notably, the unpredictable demand surge amid the crisis has left media companies scrambling to cater to the rapacious appetite for online media services. The spike in demand has also increased network optimization complexity and the load on the network bandwidth available for streaming digital content. As a result, media companies now face a two-fold challenge – optimizing network performance and driving efficiency by providing uninterrupted services at minimal costs.

Amid the ongoing developments within the media and entertainment industry, it is clear that physical networks are poised to play a key role in the modern business infrastructure. But in the current setting, media service providers often struggle to connect and protect critical applications that are crucial to achieving long-term success. Quantzig’s advanced network optimization analytics capabilities can support better capacity planning and network performance management to deliver exceptional experiences aimed at retaining subscribers and increasing revenue.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned media services provider looking to seize new opportunities to meet rising customer expectations, improve efficiency, or accelerate growth, we have got the right solutions that suit your network performance optimization needs. Request a free proposal to get started!

What Makes Network Optimization Crucial in the Media and Entertainment Industry?

Media companies are increasingly analyzing complex datasets to better understand subscriber behavior and deliver superior services at a low cost. But the huge troves of unstructured data at their disposal overpower the capabilities of the existing systems, curtailing their network performance management efforts.

Quantzig’s network optimization solutions comprise of a comprehensive set of custom dashboards with multi-dimensional reporting capabilities and well-defined KPIs that provide a complete view of different network areas, nodes, and bandwidth requirements.

Innovations in the area of network optimization analytics have proven to drive improvements in three key areas, especially critical to media service providers. It includes –

Network Load Optimization

When it comes to network load optimization, it is crucial to note that businesses must carefully factor in issues related to network traffic congestion, including the rate of utilization and media consumption patterns to enhance network performance management efforts. More importantly, businesses must leverage network optimization analytics to gain real-time insights into network performance across nodes. This, in turn, can help media companies to optimize investments and target specific, profitable services and applications that aid in optimizing network performance and the commercial value of available and incremental bandwidth.

Wonder how network load optimization analysis can help improve service quality and capacity planning? Contact us for comprehensive solution insights.

Network Capacity Planning

Given the ongoing developments, advanced network performance optimization solutions can transcend the limitations of traditional capacity planning approaches. Newer statistical models that integrate simulation techniques with demand also help enhance the quality of service (QoS) through better allocation of network capacity and bandwidth. Besides, by anticipating network bottlenecks, media service providers can better plan network expansions and improve the provision and utilization of capital expenses.

Network Quality Assurance

Advanced network optimization analytics capabilities enable media service providers to move beyond the traditional approaches to managing network quality. More broadly, analytics leverages network event correlation to help OTT media service providers understand how bandwidth and quality of network can affect the customer experience — enabling companies to take proactive measures to improve the overall network quality.

Request for more information on optimizing network performance to learn how we help media service providers turn network data into actionable insights that drive network performance.

How Quantzig’s Network Optimization Solutions can Help Media Companies Improve Performance?

We offer a comprehensive suite of advanced network load optimization solutions that empower media companies to enhance network efficiency and optimize performance across all nodes. What sets us apart is a combination of our cutting-edge analytics solutions and proprietary platforms that offer unprecedented visibility into network performance and enable you to quickly translate network data into actionable insights.

Leveraging our network performance optimization solutions can help your company to:

  • Ensure 100% network availability
  • Reduce costs and drive service efficiency
  • Improve negotiation power

Ready to Harness Game-Changing Insights?

Request a free solution pilot to know how we can help you derive intelligent, actionable insights from complex, unstructured data with minimum effort to drive competitive readiness, market excellence, and success.

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