Why Healthcare Researchers are Betting Big on Outbreak Analytics

Mar 28, 2020

Outbreak analytics

Despite advancements and continuous efforts to improve healthcare services, government bodies and healthcare organizations globally face challenges in containing disease outbreaks. A practical response to such outbreaks depends on a timely intervention that can only be formed after analyzing healthcare data collected from various public healthcare sources. The analysis of healthcare data is gradually becoming complex due to diversity in types of data. Recent advancements in medical data analytics have given rise to outbreak analytics, which is an emerging branch of big data analytics for smart healthcare. Outbreak analytics mostly focuses on the collection, and outbreak analysis, and modeling of outbreak response data.

Outbreak analytics

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Throughout the history of humanity, population growth and migration have resulted in the quick spread of diseases across the world. From the influenza pandemic of the 20th century to modern-day Coronavirus, disease progression patterns are changing rapidly due to the high frequency of global travel. But this global connectivity gives us the advantage of fighting infectious diseases by leveraging outbreak analytics. Healthcare organizations can analyze data sets from across the world to identify the epicenter of the outbreak and use big data analytics for smart healthcare to predict disease progression patterns around the world. However, collating relevant data and standardizing it at a global level remains a tough task for most who lack the necessary skill and analytics capabilities.

One of the best ways to tackle a pandemic is by collecting and analyzing diagnostic data sets. Quantzig’s outbreak analytics experts can help you leverage innovative techniques that can help you combine and share diagnostic results in just one go. Such outbreak analysis modeling innovations help in monitoring the spread of diseases at a larger scale. The healthcare industry is now investing in outbreak analytics to curate quantifiable analysis reports that can be leveraged to stop the spread of COVID-19. Also, data from test kits at airports can be shared with local healthcare regulatory bodies who can analyze these data sets to find meaningful outcomes.

Three Ways to Leverage Outbreak Analytics to Stop the Spread of Outbreaks

  1. Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify outbreaks and forecast its spread.
  2. Collate data from various sources and standardize it to a global level
  3. Link clinical, travel, and lifestyle data to gain detailed insights on the outbreak

There are several ways of leveraging outbreak analytics, but we suggest you prioritize two efforts while using medical data analytics for forecasting outbreak patterns.

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Develop Quantitative Pipelines: Develop highly responsive and quantitative pipelines for outbreak analysis. To ultimately leverage outbreak analytics, a robust pipeline is mandatory to adapt with the latest outbreak patterns.

Asses the Impacts of Outbreak Responses: A constant assessment of the outbreak is a must during a widespread epidemic or community disease. Continuous evaluation helps you to develop a predictive model of the outbreak that can be further used in the future.

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