Predictive Analytics: Redefining Personalized Healthcare

May 11, 2017

Though at a slow pace, the healthcare systems across the globe have gradually accepted the important role of data analytics in delivering better healthcare services. Especially with the use of Electric Health Records (EHRs), the amount of data which is collected is rather huge, which when used in the right manner can change the way in which the healthcare industry functions.

Right diagnosis and predictive analytics

Simply put, predictive analytics is all about arriving on a better speculation about the future, based on the historical records of data. It has always been an integral part of medicine and healthcare – right from the traditional processes, to modern day technology enabled healthcare processes. No wonder, there are many who think that predictive analytics is not a new concept in healthcare. The only change which has happened is that, what used to be done manually in the past is now powered by technical tools and sharp algorithmic insights.

Right diagnosis is one of the most critical factors when it comes to treating a patient. And it is in this context that the use of data derived from predictive analytics can be of immense help. By measuring behavioral and psychosocial aspects of the data, predictive analytics enables better diagnosis of the disease thereby improving the overall quality of personalized healthcare.

Applicability of predictive analytics

Unlike other industries, healthcare is an area which cannot take data at its face value. And perhaps this is the major challenge when it comes to applying predictive analytics in providing personalized healthcare service. It is a rather huge task to collect and integrate the point of care patient data along with complying with HIPAA and other privacy related policies.

What healthcare professionals are looking for is a reserve of actionable insights, which will simplify their work and facilitate in improved diagnosis.

The Quantzig Advantage

Predictive analytics can play a very important role in bringing down the overall cost of healthcare services. Provided, the mined data is used in a constructive and future facing capacity. The algorithms derived from predictive analytics is sure to improve the overall quality of healthcare, especially that of personalized healthcare services.

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