Reasons Why Sentiment Analysis Is Important in Healthcare

Nov 28, 2017

Sentiment analysis is one of the emerging trends in healthcare that will help players in this sector to gain a competitive edge over the others when it comes to understanding and improving patient experience. But how can sentiment analysis work in healthcare? Sentiment analysis uses software to analyze written text or comments posted by patients about their healthcare experience through mediums such as reviews, tweets, Facebook status updates, etc. This helps players in the healthcare industry to understand what their customers feel about them, identify the gaps, and take timely corrective actions. Curious to know what are the additional benefits sentiment analysis offers to the healthcare industry?

Gives an In-Depth Insight

Sentiment analysis gives a clear idea to the players in the healthcare industry about the parameters on which they fared well in the customer’s books and the ones in which they did not. Hospitals can use this data to categorize the responses into different categories such as communication with doctors, nurses, the responsiveness of hospital staff, etc. Analyzing this data can help hospitals to understand where they stand in terms of what is expected of them.

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Quantifies Performance

Just when you thought that it is difficult to quantify the emotions and feelings of the customers, sentiment analysis is here to save the day! With the help of sentiment analysis, players in the healthcare industry can classify patient’s comments into component parts such as people, places, and processes and then assign specific scores to these categories based on patient comments. The comment scores can be finally ascertained as positive or negative, helping hospitals to understand clearly whether the patients are delighted with the service provided to them or if there is any scope for improvement.

Staff Motivation is the Key to Patient Satisfaction

Sentiment analysis helps players in the healthcare industry present authentic and quantifiable data to their staff regarding their performance. In the case of positive feedback, it will motivate them to perform better, and at the same time wherever negative comments have been identified, the staff can understand them clearly and do the needful to cover the gaps. Ultimately, as long as your employees are motivated and feel satisfied in their working environment, their attention towards patient care will improve.

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