Top Pharma Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Mar 25, 2019

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Pharma companies are facing several predicaments such as slowed market growth, aggravating drug prices, patient-centric approach to healthcare, Brexit, and much more. The capabilities required for pharma companies to overcome these challenges and connect with key audiences need to evolve. In recent years, pharma marketing companies have witnessed a splurge of technologies such as automated machine systems, artificial intelligence, voice assistants, interactive responsive UI, data accuracy, e-detailing, high-quality management systems, and much more. All these technologies have changed the pharma marketing ecosystem. But what’s there for pharma marketing companies to embrace in 2019 and how will it help them to boom in the years to come? In this article, our analytics team has uncovered some of the upcoming pharma marketing trends.

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Top Pharma Marketing Trends

Pharma Marketing Trend 1: Consumer behavior

Consumers of today have become more informed and have taken control over their own healthcare. Today, every consumer searches for a more convenient way to procure medical services. They expect to have the same level of experience from every brand. However, companies in the healthcare industry struggle when it comes to utilizing consumer behavior to improve care and service offered. But if pharma companies want to stay ahead of the curve, they need to focus on customer experience to improve the relationship journey and this is one of the most important pharma marketing trends.  It can also help pharma marketing companies to create awareness and drive sales. Furthermore, this can help pharma marketing companies to influence the experience for the end patient or consumer.

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Pharma Marketing Trend 2: Connections with physicians

Today, it has become difficult for sales reps in pharma marketing companies to reach out to the physicians. To reach out to the physicians, pharma companies must advance their approach to target them and become more sophisticated in their multichannel marketing efforts. Evolving pharma marketing trends demand pharma marketers focus on crafting messages that they need to deliver to the physicians as the recent research shows that physicians don’t entirely trust the information sent by pharma companies. Effective and well-crafted messages can help in better and personalized pharma marketing.

Pharma Marketing Trend 3: Social media interactions

Social media provides an immense opportunity for companies in all industries to connect and engage in dialogue with their customers effectively. Pharma brands that are most successful on social media are generally the ones that share content based on the company values and its customers and not on brands or products. The most successful pharma brands on social platforms are the ones that focus on sharing content around the values of the company and its customers, not just on products or brands. Conversation with consumers and healthcare service providers on social media is one of the most rapidly evolving pharma marketing trends that offer an opportunity to pharma companies to connect directly with consumers. This helps in better pharma marketing and improves customer retention.

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Pharma Marketing Trend 4: Emergence of electronic health records

Electronic health records have become one of the most booming pharma marketing trends for pharma companies this year. This is because these records help in developing a focused campaign and improve the engagement rate of pharma companies with their consumers. Consequently, it improves the sales of products and most importantly helps in building trust among the consumers for the particular brand.

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