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Drive better clinical, operational, and financial outcomes with cutting-edge healthcare analytics solutions

Healthcare Industry Outlook

The growing complexities of data sets have made it crucial for healthcare industry players to adopt a value-driven decision-making approach by leveraging suitable methodologies and healthcare analytics solutions to capitalize on new healthcare industry trends and make well-informed decisions.

Today’s complex healthcare environment requires healthcare service providers, medical equipment manufacturers, and others operating in this sector to devise an integrated healthcare data analytics platform that aggregates data from diverse sources, offers customized recommendations, and guides users to make the right decision at the right time.

Quantzig’s healthcare big data analytics services can help you seamlessly integrate data with workflows across core functional areas to:

  • Drive better outcomes using healthcare predictive analytics solutions
  • Extract the maximum value from healthcare data
  • Explore healthcare industry trends

Analyzing Decode

Unlock the True Potential of Healthcare Data with Healthcare Analytics Solutions

To improve patient outcomes and make faster business decisions healthcare service providers must adopt a systematic approach to unlock the true potential of data sets using healthcare big data analytics services. We offer advanced healthcare analytics solutions that leverage NLP and data science to help you unlock the true of your business data.

The benefits of our healthcare analytics solutions include:

  • Salesforce sizing
  • Marketing decision management
  • Drug price benchmarking
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Improve Patient Outcomes with Innovative Healthcare Analytics Solutions

o improve patient outcomes in today’s complex healthcare environment is no easy task. Our advanced healthcare analytics solutions help unlock actionable insights from disparate data sources, empowering healthcare service providers to gain in-depth visibility into the patient’s journey.

Healthcare analytics solutions also empower businesses to:

  • Gain a cohesive omnichannel view of patient behavior
  • Innovate and strive towards better outcomes
  • Act on consolidated and actionable insights
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Enhance All Areas of The Care Continuum to Drive Bottom Line Results

Identify new revenue-generating opportunities and drive profitable growth using Quantzig’s healthcare analytics solutions. Our solutions also offer businesses the ability to rapidly collate and analyze all financial and operational data sets without hassle.

Our healthcare analytics solutions can also help you:

  • Provide new & innovative treatments
  • Optimize the cost of value-based care
  • Redesign macro and micro-level plans to streamline operations
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Our Healthcare Analytics Solutions


Payer and Provider

The growing need to analyze new opportunities, tackle competition from providers and devise new healthcare plans have prompted healthcare companies to employ simple yet effective methods to analyze data. Quantzig’s healthcare data analytics solutions can help healthcare payers address these challenges and drive new revenue streams to deliver game-changing performance with a reverberating impact.

Our healthcare analytics solutions include:

  • Payer Analytics
  • Patient Analytics
  • Pharmacovigilance Analytics

Sales and Marketing

With healthcare being ruled by numbers, patient volumes, and reimbursements, there is a growing need to build effective sales and marketing strategies to improve these metrics and drive outcomes. Our healthcare analytics solutions are designed to help healthcare organizations improve sales by truly analyzing the impact of their campaigns on the revenue generated.

Our portfolio of healthcare analytics solutions also include:

  • Sales Force Optimization
  • Market Mix Modelling
  • Sales Force Effectiveness

Supply Chain & Operations

Comprehensive insights on supply chain activities right from request to recall not only drive prompt, data-driven healthcare decisions but ensure effective supply chain management. Our healthcare analytics solutions can help you manage supply chain processes using deep learning algorithms & advanced analytics.

We also offer advanced healthcare analytics solutions including:

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Supply Chain Visibility Analytics
  • Spend Analytics

Customer Analytics

The healthcare industry generates patient data from various sources which on analysis can help healthcare firms to enhance patient care. Our portfolio of customer analytics solutions for the healthcare industry offers unique insights into patient data sets from across the organization.

Our customer analytics solutions for healthcare industry also include:

  • Clinical Data Analysis
  • Patient Journey Analysis
  • Physician Journey Analysis

Digital Analytics

Whether your digital initiatives are floundering, or you wish to ensure they don’t, be assured that healthcare predictive analytics solutions play a vital role in analyzing the success or failure of your initiatives. Considering the dynamism in the healthcare industry, digital analytics has the potential to transform the quality of care by predicting healthcare needs.

Our digital healthcare analytics solutions also include:

  • Social Listening
  • Digital Footprint Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis

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