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How we help our clients through healthcare analytics solutions

Regulatory pressures and constantly changing market dynamics have made it imperative for the healthcare industry to introduce innovations frequently such as healthcare analytics and strive towards better clinical outcomes.

Quantzig’s healthcare analytics solutions help clients in the healthcare industry including pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare delivery companies to address key challenges, reduce costs, increase margins, and gain a competitive market advantage.

What do we offer?

With the transitioning healthcare landscape and growing focus on technology, stakeholders across the entire continuum of healthcare are seeking information regarding the cost of care and quality of services.

We offer a portfolio of healthcare analytics solutions and domain expertise that include integration of electronic medical records, clinical trials, hospital records, physician notes and pharmacy data to create consolidated and actionable insights, and risk mitigation and resolution of issues for medical cost management, providers claim processing, and improved payment accuracy.

Solutions we provide

Payer Analytics
Provider Analytics
Patient Analytics
Clinical Trial Reporting &
Life Sciences Analytics
Pharmacovigilance Analytics
Drug Pricing & Promotion
Comparative Effectiveness Studies
Cost-of-Care Analytics

With changing customer demographics in the healthcare spectrum, along with the cost and revenue potential being linked to patient experience, healthcare organizations want to get the maximum sales and marketing support and insights out of every customer relationship and interaction.

We at Quantzig offer sales and marketing analytics solutions specific to the healthcare industry that provide evidence-based insights to help drive better decisions and results in all commercial operations.

Solutions we provide

Sales Analysis
& Forecasting
Sales Pipeline Analytics
Sales Force Effectiveness
Sales Force Optimization
Call Planning
Sampling Optimization
Sales KPI and Performance Tracking
Pricing, Promotions, &

With increased regulatory restrictions, need for compliance, and investments manufacturing and distribution capabilities across geographies, there is a growing need for analytics-based insights to assist in information-based decision making for all supply chain and operations activities.

Quantzig helps healthcare organizations in managing all their supply chain and operations problems, through specialized algorithms, tools, and models for supply chain analytics.

Solutions we provide

Demand Planning
Drug Manufacturing and
Distribution Analytics
Assets Optimization
Inventory Optimization
Logistics Optimization
Supply Chain Visibility
Quality Reporting
& Analytics
Supplier Performance
Spend Analytics

Introduction to our healthcare analytics case studies

Sales Force Effectiveness

Pharma Brand Improves Market Share Based on Optimal Sampling Strategy

Business Challenge: A US based pharma brand, wanted to track the performance of its drugs across the country and analyze the reasons for low market share and declining prescription rates across physicians.

Situation: The client was facing challenges in understanding why physicians were prescribing competitor drugs and how to devise an effective sampling strategy and physician reach.

Impact: With the help of our healthcare analytics solutions, the client gained insights on the market share of the drug across the country and the prescription behavior of the physicians. They could allocate optimal number of samples to physicians based on prescription behavior and improve market share. Marketing programs were more effective based on optimal targeting of physicians who were more likely to prescribe the drug.

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Sales KPI and Performance Tracking for a Leading Medical Device Manufacturer in the UK

Business Challenge: A leading UK based medical device manufacturer wanted detailed analysis of its sales representative’s performance to improve sales and streamline sales process.

Situation: The client wanted to improve the monitoring of it sales representatives and products to reduce lead time in generating sales reports. They were facing significant challenges in integrating data across multiple systems and prioritizing accounts for future opportunities and revenue realization.

Impact: With the help of our healthcare analytics solutions, the client was able to track the performance of representatives and products across accounts and territories. They could accurately project future revenue based on deals in the pipeline and the likelihood of winning those deals and optimize sales efforts accordingly.

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