Use healthcare analytics to tackle inefficiencies, expand operations 

Build the analytics capability to harness the power of data to create actionable insights, improve outcomes, and reduce time to value.

The healthcare industry landscape

Given the rise in competitive pressures, mounting operational costs, dynamic patient needs, and pandemic-induced challenges, healthcare organizations need to up the ante if they aim to succeed in the long run. Notably, the drastic turn of events coupled with the evolving healthcare challenges has made it crucial for healthcare organizations to evolve their decision-making process by applying incisive insights obtained through the use of analytics in healthcare.

With the COVID-19 outbreak pressurizing healthcare systems worldwide, Quantzig has been actively helping clients from the healthcare industry adapt to the new normal while prioritizing patient needs and business outcomes. Underpinned by advanced healthcare data analytics expertise, industry knowledge, and proprietary health data management frameworks, we’ve co-created industry-leading healthcare analytics solutions by forming strategic partnerships with global healthcare organizations.

Our Solution Portfolio

Through an in-depth analysis of unique challenges facing the healthcare industry, we aim to help our clients harness the true power of healthcare data analytics to drive better outcomes across different segments within the healthcare industry, those involving patients, clinicians, providers, payers, medical researchers, and health regulators alike.

Payer and Provider

During these times of uncertainty, healthcare payers and providers are challenged to identify new opportunities, reduce costs, and devise new healthcare plans. But the real challenge lies in adopting advanced methods and healthcare analytics solutions that offer comprehensive data views and drive positive business outcomes.

Our industry expertise and domain knowledge gained over the years translate into specialized healthcare analytics solutions encompassing medical loss ratio (MLR) calculations, cost reductions, and administration & clinical management. We have also collaborated with leading healthcare industry firms to devise evidence-based health data management and outcome-based solutions.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Supply Chain Analytics


The complex and fragmented nature of healthcare supply chains poses several challenges for supply chain executives in the healthcare industry. Comprehensive insights on the healthcare supply chain can help decision-makers address these challenges and make critical decisions with ease.

 Quantzig’s team of supply chain analytics and healthcare industry experts work with leading healthcare organizations to enhance global spend visibility while creating automated processes to identify new revenue streams.

Marketing Analytics

The mainstreaming of digital healthcare services has resulted in the amalgamation of next-gen technologies, decision sciences, and healthcare data analytics to drive positive outcomes for payers, providers, and patients alike.

With a long-standing experience in delivering customized analytics solutions for healthcare, we’ve developed a holistic portfolio of end-to-end sales and marketing analytics solutions to help healthcare organizations devise strategies to navigate complexities with data-backed decision making.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Digital Analytics

The healthcare industry’s fundamental premise revolves around improving patient outcomes by delivering personalized experiences beyond one-on-one interactions.  As such, digital healthcare analytics solutions that drive value-based healthcare are now a key focus area for stakeholders across the healthcare continuum. With several factors impacting the global healthcare landscape, digital analytics is turning out to be a complete solution for predicting healthcare needs and transforming the quality of care.

At Quantzig, we specialize in offering advanced digital analytics solutions that can be customized to create healthcare data analytics roadmaps, optimize processes and systems, and build a data-driven culture.

Customer Analytics

Customer experience management has become the new battleground for healthcare organizations to drive business value and patient outcomes. The push for customer experience management has gained greater momentum in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, and healthcare organizations are laser-focused on expanding the reach and digital footprint through newer service delivery models.

Paramount to this is to find newer ways to proactively engage with customers at the right time and through the preferred channels. At Quantzig, we empower our clients to build workflows and analyze customer journeys using customer-first, healthcare data analytics solutions underpinned by advanced customer analytics expertise, industry knowledge, and market insights.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal

Innovation in Healthcare

The unprecedented need to drive improvements in healthcare innovation has prompted healthcare stakeholders to leverage the power of analytics in healthcare to enhance service efficiency, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction. At the same time, the increasing number of connected devices driven by the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), AI, IoT, and healthcare analytics comes at a critical time as barriers to access healthcare services continue to increase.

At Quantzig, we help clients lead this transition through our advanced healthcare analytics solutions that help improve their bottom line and move from fee-based to value-based healthcare models.

Quantzig’s healthcare analytics experts are committed to offering customized solutions to help your business grow. Based on our healthcare data analytics expertise, we empower clients from the healthcare industry to harness the true potential of data to make crucial decisions with a reverberating impact.

The healthcare analytics projects we’ve worked on have helped us work closely with leading healthcare organizations and better understand the challenges of a highly regulated, cost-intensive healthcare landscape.

Enhance all areas of the care continuum to drive bottom line results, improve patient outcomes with innovative healthcare analytics, and unlock the true potential of healthcare data with Quantzig’s advanced healthcare analytics solutions.

Request a free proposal to leverage our statistical approaches and robust healthcare analytics solutions to accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

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