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Innovation in Healthcare

As in other industries, innovation in healthcare is associated with new developments that help drive improvements in addressing issues, in this case, healthcare challenges. Though addressing industry challenges call for innovation, ‘innovation in healthcare’ is not confined to technological developments and extends to other areas, including business development, design, research, finance, and M&As, amongst others.

Today challenges in healthcare revolve around two factors, i.e., rising costs and inconsistent outcomes. Tackling these challenges is a major concern for healthcare service providers, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, and governments alike. Our experts understand healthcare challenges and enable our clients to drive outcomes through healthcare innovation and advanced analytics. We believe the amalgamation of technology, skills, and strategies can help drive significant healthcare transformations that benefit healthcare service providers by reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

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Disruptive innovations in healthcare are paving the way for improved outcomes, better healthcare quality, and reduced costs, and advanced care.

Big Data

With access to huge volumes of data from varied sources, data processing, integration, and reporting are some of the most common challenges faced by healthcare organizations today. While more and more organizations seek advanced analytics solutions to tackle these challenges, Quantzig has set out to carve a niche for itself in the field of big data in healthcare by offering customized big data analytics solutions to address these issues.

Quantzig helps healthcare organizations transform big data into valuable insights to address the need for innovation in healthcare. In-depth domain knowledge and a detailed understanding of the industry landscape help us deliver innovative healthcare solutions that can help you rise to the challenge while improving how you incorporate data-driven insights into decision-making.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Digitization of healthcare data and the growing demand for personalized and virtual care from highly informed, engaged patient cohorts are introducing unique opportunities for disruptive innovations in healthcare. At the same time, healthcare organizations are flooded by new, digital data sets from various sources, including EHRs, social media, genetic and imaging data, diagnostic data sets, and data from medical devices and smart wearables.

Leveraging AI & ML-based analytics solutions that leverage computer vision, natural language processing, and forecasting and optimization can unleash the full potential of these data sets to improve outcomes and solve some of the greatest healthcare challenges. Right from forecasting patient needs to predicting outcomes and offering more personalized care, Quantzig’s AI and ML capabilities transcend traditional boundaries enabling you to do more with data.

Internet of Things

Patient centricity and demand for value-based healthcare have drastically redefined the concept of innovation in healthcare. The driving force behind this trend is the growth of IoT in healthcare that has transformed how people, technology, and devices interact. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to redefine how hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities collect and use data by bringing together the major technical and business aspects of mobility, automation, and analytics to improve outcomes and patient care delivery.

To help healthcare organizations take advantage of the benefits and mitigate the risks of IoT, Quantzig offers a holistic package of innovative healthcare solutions that promise to make healthcare organizations smarter and value-driven.

Action Analytics
Innovation in healthcare directly addresses the rise in consumer demand for high-quality, safe, and affordable care. Quantzig can help you make the most out of disruptive innovations in healthcare by uncovering new possibilities and co-creating custom analytics solutions that guide you through the challenges of a continually changing industry.

Our holistic portfolio of advanced analytics solutions serves all healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and payers, throughout the business lifecycle and helps them emerge stronger and smarter by delivering an overall, unique advantage through tailored offerings and analytics capabilities.

Request a free proposal to learn how we help healthcare organizations keep up with ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements, increase service efficiency, and reduce costs while staying focused on delivering quality care.

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