Achieve Breakthroughs in Drug Development and Patient Care

Rebound from the global crisis and rebuild innovation portfolios to address unmet needs for vaccines and antivirals.

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry landscape

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is dynamic and witnesses a range of challenges continually. Rising costs and the increasing demand for value for money by payers, healthcare providers, and patients have made it challenging for pharmaceutical companies to maintain market share and customers. Additionally, changing regulations and policies and rising competition require pharma companies to develop innovative medicines and solutions to succeed and acquire. Pharmaceutical and life sciences industry players must assess, evaluate, and strategize for changing market dynamics, constant technological advancements, and legal requirements to stay ahead of the competition. Pharma analytics and life sciences analytics enable industry players to identify market challenges and develop data-driven and strategic business operations.

Data analytics plays a crucial role in the pharma and life sciences industry. As the industry grows, pharmaceutical companies and life sciences industry players need to shift focus towards leveraging data analytics solutions and utilize the information available through various sources to improve their offerings. Additionally, the pharmaceutical value chain’s complex and layered nature requires proactive decision-making and in-depth knowledge of the changing market. Quantzig’s team of data analytics and industry experts are equipped with the necessary skill and expertise to collate and analyze data efficiently. Subsequently, we enable companies in the pharma and life sciences industry to analyze their competition, develop comprehensive pricing strategies, and establish unparalleled business operations.

Our Solution Portfolio

Through an in-depth analysis of unique challenges facing the healthcare industry, we aim to help our clients harness the true power of healthcare data analytics to drive better outcomes across different segments within the healthcare industry, those involving patients, clinicians, providers, payers, medical researchers, and health regulators alike.

Patient Journey Analysis

Customer experience management has become the new battleground for healthcare organizations to drive business value and patient outcomes. The push for customer experience management has gained greater momentum in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, and healthcare organizations are laser-focused on expanding the reach and digital footprint through newer service delivery models.

Paramount to this is to find newer ways to proactively engage with customers at the right time and through the preferred channels. At Quantzig, we empower our clients to build workflows and analyze customer journeys using customer-first, healthcare data analytics solutions underpinned by advanced customer analytics expertise, industry knowledge, and market insights.

Net Promotion
Customer Segmentation

Drug Discovery and Development


The drug discovery and development process are highly challenging. With the increasing need to develop innovative medicines, stay ahead of the competition, and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases, pharma and life sciences companies are investing heavily in developing new drugs. Companies and researchers face challenges during the process, such as demanding regulatory requirements, patent cliffs, and technical problems during the clinical trial process.

Quantzig’s pharma and life sciences analytics experts can provide companies with valuable data, and predictive analytics software can transform the development process when leveraged. Analytics can also assist companies and researchers by predicting drug behavior, improve the selection criteria and process for clinical trials, and enable data-driven decisions for a higher success rate.

Payer and Provider Analytics

To achieve peak performance levels in the pharma and life sciences industry, companies must have a comprehensive understanding of the payers and providers. Healthcare providers, and payers, commonly referring to health insurance companies, are crucial to the sales, marketing, and development of pharma and life sciences companies. Payers, providers, and pharma and life sciences industry players are the three key segments of the industry.

With a convergence of understanding between the three key players, it is possible to innovate, improve, and advance the industry. However, developing and negotiating the right contractual terms with payers and providers can be challenging, which has led to an unprecedented rise in costs in the pharma and life sciences industry. Quantzig’s pharmaceutical and life sciences analytics teams can enable companies to evaluate data, identify the ideal metrics to gauge performance, and enable payers, providers, and companies to cooperate and succeed.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

RWE Analytics

Real-world evidence (RWE) has been utilized to measure the effectiveness and value of products and offerings in the development process by pharma and life sciences industry players for decades. Recently, the growth and evolution of advanced analytics have made it a more efficient and accessible measuring tool for researchers and companies. Quantzig’s RWE analytics solutions enable companies to predict patient response to their offerings, gauge the progression of a disease, and assess potential risks by evaluating structured data sets and real-world evidence.

Sales Force Effectiveness

The pharma and life sciences industry’s competitive environment provides companies with the opportunity to optimize their business operations and outflank competitors. The need to improve all tenets of operations includes developing sales force effectiveness (SFE). Factors such as building reliable networks, the need for customized communication channels, and changing regulations can make SFE challenging for pharmaceutical companies.

Quantzig’s pharma analytics and life sciences analytics teams enable companies to implement sales force planning efficiently. This allows the development of effective strategies for managing, incentivizing, and supporting the sales force. Sales force effectiveness is imperative to building a unique brand identity, maintaining market share, and staying a step ahead of the competition.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Loyal

Supply Chain Analytics

The unprecedented need to drive improvements in healthcare innovation has prompted healthcare stakeholders to leverage the power of analytics in healthcare to enhance service efficiency, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction. At the same time, the increasing number of connected devices driven by the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), AI, IoT, and healthcare analytics comes at a critical time as barriers to access healthcare services continue to increase.

At Quantzig, we help clients lead this transition through our advanced healthcare analytics solutions that help improve their bottom line and move from fee-based to value-based healthcare models.

Marketing Analytics

In the growing digital world and the lasting impact of technological advancements on consumers’ lives, efficient marketing campaigns and effective promotion can be differentiators for pharma companies. To develop an unsurpassable promotional campaign, pharma companies must gain a comprehensive understanding of their target audience, address unmet needs, and inspire action.

With Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions, pharma companies can gain insights into their target audience, assess communication channels, and create a unique promotional campaign. Promotional campaigns help pharma companies improve brand awareness, boost sales, and control their brand identity and message.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal

Digital Analytics

The increasing competition in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry has made effective and targeted marketing strategies the key to staying ahead of the curve. The increasing need for patient-centric marketing plans requires companies to take initiatives that provide a comprehensive understanding of their customers and competitors.

With our digital analytics solutions, pharma companies can evaluate their target customer groups, segment them efficiently, and create tailored marketing plans to increase customer acquisition and retention. Hyper-customized marketing strategies can also endorse successful product launches and grow prescription rates.

Customer Analytics

Pharmaceutical companies need to manage customer experience throughout the customer value chain, from initial interaction to maintaining effective customer relationships. In order to do this, they need to strategize for customer journey optimization to drive customer loyalty.

Quantzig’s advanced customer analytics solutions can enable you to not only map the stages of customer progression but also identify ways to add value along the conversion path. By constantly monitoring and optimizing the customer journey, you can proactively engage your customer to reduce churn and foster a sustainable relationship.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal


Technological advancements, increasing awareness about health and well-being, and improved medical capabilities have led to a population rise. These factors have led to an increasing need for medical care, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, and more solutions across the industry, including diagnostics, drug development, digitization, and patient needs.

Our data analytics experts aim to offer companies crucial insights, data-driven support, and comprehensive data to create novel, sustainable, and effective innovations in the highly competitive pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. The growth of big data, IoT, and AI & ML has created unique, innovative opportunities for pharma companies.

Quantzig’s team of data analytics and industry experts are equipped with the necessary skill and expertise to collate and analyze data efficiently. By leveraging our pharmaceutical and life sciences analytics expertise, we provide our clients from the pharma and life sciences industry with the capacity to understand the role of data in their business decisions and develop unparalleled data-driven strategies. 

Create unbeatable data-driven strategies to provide an unprecedented patient experience, develop novel innovations, and discover the power of pharma and life sciences data with Quantzig’s pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. 

Request a free proposal to partner with our experts and leverage our expertise in offering evidence-based and sustainable pharma and life sciences analytics solutions to champion your industry. 


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