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Payer and Provider Analytics

With the rising costs of living for consumers and increasing production costs for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry players, payers’ and providers’ cooperation and support are crucial. The rising need has also led to increasing competition in payer and provider spaces. Recently, analytics have played a vital role in pharma industry players, payers, and providers.

Helping payers and providers efficiently navigate their competitors’ strategies and consumers’ needs and providing industry players with the support and data needed to develop fair, efficient, and well-informed contracts. With the data provided by the payer and provider analytics, all players can identify competitors, industry best practices, and create value-based care models.

Quantzig’s pharma analytics solutions enable manufacturers to gain crucial data they may not access due to limited patient interaction. It also helps both payers and providers efficiently access essential data, and develop strategies accordingly. Further, payer and provider analytics help pharma companies competitively price, understand changing regulations and policies, and improve pharmacovigilance.

Our Solution Portfolio

Our payer and provider solutions aid businesses to keep abreast of drug discovery trends, benchmark and develop competitive pricing strategies, and conduct efficient and accurate due diligence.


Drug discovery and development can be a challenging and foreboding, apprehensive process due to the possibility of adverse side effects during clinical trials or later in the drug development process. To reduce this impact, encourage more drug discovery and development, and further innovation and growth for industry players, providers, and payers, pharmacovigilance is crucial.

Quantzig’s data analytics solutions substantially improve the pharmacovigilance process by enabling researchers and drug developers to examine large, varied sets of data, identify trends, correlations and patterns, and other useful information.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Drug Pricing and Promotion


The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is fast-paced, competitive, and highly challenging. Companies have recently shifted their focus toward innovation, product launches, and customer-centric marketing and sales strategies. While these are crucial tenets of success in the pharma and life sciences industry, companies must invest effort and expertise to understand and develop ideal pricing strategies.

With Quantzig’s pricing analytics solutions, companies can access and evaluate data regarding the value of their offerings, payer and competitors’ pricing strategies, and their customers’ willingness to pay. Pricing analytics also enables industry players by benchmarking pricing strategies, aiding the new drug development forecasts, and providing accurate price validation certificates to government authorities.

Compliance Analytics

The previously siloed method of managing compliance in the pharma and life sciences industry has become challenging for pharmaceutical organizations. Due to the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements and the evolving business models, compliance issues have become increasingly problematic. Identifying, evaluating, and addressing compliance risks necessary to avoid significant negative impact on markets and brand identity in the future.

With our expertise in compliance analytics solutions, Quantzig’s team can help companies identify current risks, predict future risks, and help develop proactive approaches to these risks with data. Additionally, compliance analytics helps companies conduct due diligence and address issues such as reporting.

Action Analytics

Rising competition, increasing complexity of regulations, and siloed approaches to drug pricing have abated growth for payers and providers in the pharma and life sciences industry. 

Quantzig’s payer and provider analytics solutions assist you in addressing industry challenges, and developing strategies to conquer obstacles, with data-driven strategies, to help you achieve success in a challenging industry.

Establish and achieve unparalleled business plans and overcome challenges in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, with our analytical capabilities, and efficiently navigate the consumers’ needs and competitors’ strategies. 

Request a free proposal to learn how our payer and provider analytics solutions can help you competitively price, understand changing regulations and policies and ensure pharmacovigilance.

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