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The Retail and CPG Industry landscape

The retail & CPG industry’s accelerating growth has been brought to a halt with the global pandemic and the consequent seismic shifts in consumer behavior. The transition from responding to COVID-19 to recovering and navigating the path forward entails executives rethink how they do business and leverage advanced analytics to foster bold decisions and withstanding disruptions.

In an age where shoppers have ample access to information for extracting maximum value for their spending, Quantzig’s retail analytics solutions can give you an edge in the shelf-wars. Our team of industry analysts reinvigorates retailers with cutting-edge analytics insights and data-backed strategies to address their most pressing challenges.

Our Solution Portfolio

Our ability to offer actionable insights by analyzing multiple data sets helps clients to identify the right strategies to boost market share and address the dynamic needs of today’s well-informed customers.

Marketing Analytics

If going to market with a smarter approach in dynamic times is what you have in mind, then leveraging Quantzig’ s retail analytics solutions is how you can succeed. As traditional media and communication channels take a backseat with a wide range of digital and social alternatives promising higher ROI, agile retailers are looking to advanced analytics to capitalize on and deploy the most effective marketing mix.

Quantzig’s retail marketing analytics powers businesses to capture value from the ever-changing and highly fragmented media space, facilitating retail & CPG companies to become truly customer-centric.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Digital Analytics


While the percentage of online sales overtook that of brick and mortar recently, this doesn’t necessarily pave the way for a ‘retail apocalypse.’ Digital analytics is the key for companies in the retail & CPG industry to bridge the gap between the two.

Our digital analytics solutions are designed to determine unique identifiers from your CRM to uncover the customer’s path to purchase and attribute in-store shopping to online brand engagement.

Customer Analytics

Retail & CPG companies possess large repositories of historical customer data. The possibilities of customer insights from this data are myriad, but the path to actionable and understandable customer knowledge can be daunting. This is where our customer analytics in retail & CPG comes into play.

Our advanced customer analytics in the retail & CPG industry is focused on facilitating better target marketing to specific customer segments and capturing sales and margin levers through data analytics. This includes customer engagement assessment, the share of wallet, and customer churn prediction.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Merchandising Analytics

Accurately gauging the customer decision cycle and path to purchase is the modern retail & CPG industry’s holy grail. Quantzig’s retail merchandising analytics solutions deploy advanced analytics-based methodologies and BI tools to help retailers gain a better understanding of the business functions.

Our retail merchandising analytics solutions incorporate pre-built data analysis models that facilitate store-level and department level traffic queue and pattern analysis, profit and loss budgeting, cannibalization analysis, market basket analysis, category affinity analysis, and storefront layout optimization.

e-Commerce Analytics

The e-commerce sector continues to gain momentum and add value to retail & CPG businesses. How can businesses uncover opportunities and churn out maximum revenues from this channel? Quantzig’s comprehensive and razor-sharp e-commerce analytics solution is the answer.

Our e-commerce analytics dismantles large volumes of data into actionable customer insights. This will help your business understand shifts in consumer behavior, make data-driven decisions, formulate conversion metrics, and strategize for retention and advocacy.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal

Supply Chain Analytics

There is growing complexity in retail &CPG supply chains due to the influx of data and the rising demand for more responsive customer relationships. Quantzig’s retail & CPG supply chain analytics help decode this data to uncover patterns and generate previously unprocessed insights due to limitations in analyzing natural language data.

Our advanced analytics solution delivers broader supply chain intelligence that is highly efficient and prepares retail & CPG companies for disruptions.

Innovation in Retail

As technological disruptions transform customer behavior in the retail & CPG sector, it is paramount for companies in the retail & CPG sector to adapt. However, data silos and lack of precise knowledge of the industry’s advancements fail to give businesses the first-mover advantage in the market.

Quantzig’s data analytics solutions empower retail and CPG companies to use descriptive, prescriptive, predictive, and cognitive analytics to boost the accuracy of their forecasts based on consumer behavior and accelerate innovation strategies in a digitally disrupted world.

Net Promotion

It’s a well-known fact that retail and CPG companies today generate huge troves of unstructured data at an unprecedented rate, making it challenging to identify profitable customers and the most lucrative product categories.

Quantzig’s retail analytics solutions are designed to help you do just that by optimizing sales performance and identifying products that resonate well with the customers.

To improve market share, companies must be prepared to deal with challenges arising from heightened competition and rising costs within the retail and CPG industry.

Request a free proposal to learn how we can help you identify the right strategies to boost market share and address the dynamic needs of today’s well-informed customers.

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