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Innovation in the retail and cpg industry

The advent of the digital era has upended the retail and CPG industry, which has been seeing a consistent decline in brick-and-mortar store sales. Online stores have features like numerous product variations, hassle-free, one-click buying, and seamless return policies, that physical stores cannot compete with. Retail and CPG players thus need a new vision to tackle increased customer expectations, massive technology advancements, and hassle-free e-commerce buying options.

To compete with their new-emerging peers, retailers need to become truly technology-driven organizations. The future of retail rests on efficiency and customer experience enrichment. Some areas that they can work on are – converting stores into ‘stores of the future’ and making them experiential, optimize supply chain operations for agile inventory and logistics management, turning malls into community experience centers, activity-based labor scheduling, and budgeting, improving store economics by simplifying and automating routine activities.

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Quantzig’s experts enable businesses to take crucial steps towards utilizing big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the Internet of Things to combat challenges and propel growth.

Big Data

During these times of uncertainty, healthcare payers and providers are challenged to identify new opportunities, reduce costs, and devise new healthcare plans. But the real challenge lies in adopting advanced methods and healthcare analytics solutions that offer comprehensive data views and drive positive business outcomes.

Our industry expertise and domain knowledge gained over the years translate into specialized healthcare analytics solutions encompassing medical loss ratio (MLR) calculations, cost reductions, and administration & clinical management. We have also collaborated with leading healthcare industry firms to devise evidence-based health data management and outcome-based solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML have quickly paved way for themselves across industries and have become a part of our daily lives. Because of this, AI and ML have the power to provide companies with deeper insights than ever before. With the ever-evolving consumer behavior and the advent of technology, retail and CPG players must use the power of AI and ML to their advantage. Retailers can apply AI- and ML-powered trends like dynamic pricing, augmented reality, computer-vision-powered applications, voice and visual assistants to enhance customer experience and maximize sales.

Internet of Things

The rapid adoption of internet over time proves that IoT is going to become the biggest advantage for retailers and customers alike. IoT has the potential to break the walls between a brand and a customer in the retail industry. Tech-savvy customers today are always looking for solutions that make their lives convenient and easier. IoT brings along a new sense of interconnectedness like never, which has opened more than a million possibilities. IoT, when applied right by retailers, can transform a customer experience to make it more customized and relevant.

Action Analytics

Players in the retail and CPG industry need to take advantage of technological innovations, advanced analytics, and AI and ML to provide more targeted and personalized shopping experiences to their customers. Technologies such as IoT, digital integration, automation must be deployed to bring about significant changes in the processes and systems across the retail landscape.

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