Building an Advanced Analytics Dashboard to Aid Healthcare Decision Making – Quantzig’s New Success Story

Apr 17, 2019

The Business Challenge

In today’s data-intensive world, developing and maintaining spreadsheets and generating manual reports, is both onerous and likely to result in erroneous outcomes. This is especially challenging for players in the healthcare industry because of the sheer volumes of healthcare and patient data that must be tracked and managed on a day-to-day basis. One of the main reasons that have impelled healthcare organizations to leverage the use of sophisticated analytics dashboards is its ability to empower its users to effectively monitor and track data by providing real-time insights, from finances to the infrastructure.

The client is a leading healthcare services provider based out of Canada. They are well-known for offering healthcare services to several regions in and around Canada, via 8 federally qualified healthcare centers. With the rising data volumes, the healthcare services provider recognized the need to make healthcare data more accessible across all levels. As such, they were imperative to enhance their data visualization capabilities by deploying an advanced analytics dashboard. The clients’ main aim was to bring about an organization-wide improvement by enhancing the transparency of datasets throughout their network.

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To bring about such changes the client required to implement a BI-based analytics dashboard to enhance visibility and analyze the vastness of their data sets, ensuring they meet their organizational goals. Additionally, the healthcare provider needed a solution that bestowed their users the right tools to improve performance. Our experts proposed a solution that revolved around deploying an advanced healthcare analytics dashboard that would improve accessibility, to help the stakeholders understand key performance metrics and realize strategic business objectives.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The client needed a custom analytics dashboard that would help them scale up analytics to improve data visibility and accessibility across their business units. Our advanced analytics experts adopted a comprehensive approach to help them address their core data management challenges. The custom analytics dashboard empowered the client to access the data at their convenience, bringing about major improvements in their organizational outcomes. The analytics dashboard also helped the client to effectively track KPIs, set comparative benchmarks, and develop reports with compelling charts and graphs.

While there are a few common needs shared by businesses across industries, the specifics will most likely vary from one firm to the other depending on their business functions. As such, for an analytics dashboard to be effective, it must also be customizable. We can help you build a custom dashboard that addresses your requirements. Speak with our analytics experts now.

The analytics dashboard also enabled the client to:

  • Transform unstructured datasets into analytics assets that helped drive financial decision making and results
  • Improve the accuracy of healthcare operations and their reporting procedures by 45%
  • Leverage healthcare analytics in real-time instead of waiting for annual excel based reports

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What is an Analytics Dashboard?

An analytics dashboard is a data management tool that helps businesses to visually track, monitor, and analyze KPI’s to gain in-depth insights on the overall health of a business or a specific process. Such analytics dashboards can be customized to meet the specific needs of different departments within an organization.

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