Patient Journey Analysis: A Case Study on How an Angiogenesis Inhibitors Manufacturer Validated the Efficacy of their Clinical Trials

Jun 30, 2018

What the Client Wanted

Understand the drug performance in a real-world setting when compared to the ideal healthcare industry setting.

The Outcome

Created a validation framework to understand the effectiveness of clinical trials against real-world data.

Summary of the Angiogenesis Inhibitors Drugs Market

One of the key segments of cancer therapy is occupied by angiogenesis inhibitors. The market for angiogenesis inhibitors is quite optimistic as they have emerged as the new targeted therapy for cancer treatment. The molecules due to their specificity are gaining a lot of manufacturer’s interest. Additionally, with the dawn of new and improved technology, angiogenesis inhibitors therapy is witnessing a radical transition and is becoming more acceptable due to its site-specific approach. Furthermore, angiogenesis inhibitors drugs have become a critical component of a clinical treatment procedure for a variety of reasons.

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Industry Challenges

  • Regulatory concerns: Today, firms in the healthcare industry have been forced to comply with the regulatory guidelines set forth by governments across the globe. Additionally, with the fluctuating changes in regulatory requirements, it becomes necessary for angiogenesis inhibitors drug manufacturers to stay relevant and keep-up-to-date with the regulatory changes and ensure that they meet all the mandates. 
  • Innovations: Intense competition in the global healthcare industry is increasing the need to stay relevant and keep pace with the latest developments for players. Moreover, developing angiogenesis inhibitors drugs is an expensive and time-consuming affair and requires high investments.

About the Client

A leader in the healthcare industry space and a leading manufacturer of angiogenesis inhibitors drugs based out of the United States.

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Client’s Challenge

The client approached Quantzig to conduct a patient journey analysis to gain a 360° understanding of the patient journey, specifically for those patients who are diagnosed with cancer. With several manufacturing hubs spread across the world, the client also wanted to validate the efficacy of their clinical trials by understanding the ailment progression in patients under the influence of several therapies in the real-world setting. The client wanted to further understand the drug performance in the real world when compared to the ideal settings with the help of real-world data.

Summary of our Patient Journey Analysis Engagement

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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s patient journey analysis, the angiogenesis inhibitors drugs manufacturer created a validation framework to understand the effectiveness of clinical trials against real-world data based on the insights and findings from the patient journey. Additionally, the client gained actionable insights into the drug’s performance in the real world when compared to the ideal settings.

Patient Journey Analysis Insights

Quantzig’s patient journey analysis helps firms in the healthcare industry space to map the entire patient treatment path using data from the time of hospital admission, pharmacy information, laboratory test results, progress notes, and to discharge summaries.

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