Apparel Retailer Increases Sales Through Digital Channels by Improving Online Customer Experience and Online Promotional Strategies

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Investment in creating digital media channels was not yielding expected returns.

A leading apparel retailer in the US wanted to assess ways of increasing revenues through its web and mobile channels by improving conversion rates from website visitors.

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Lack of clarity on why visitors drop off without purchasing, and why promotional products were not achieving expected sales.

The client was facing problems in understanding the key reasons why visitors dropped off and did not complete a purchase. Also, the client wanted to understand the primary reasons why the online promotional strategies were not yielding expected returns in comparison to the resources spent.


Assessment of customer behavior to devise strategies for improved online customer experience.

We used the customer data provided by the client to conduct an analysis of their online behavior. We were able to assess the fall-off rates and the stages where they left the funnel. This information was used to derive insights on how to improve customer experience on the site and how to ensure maximum conversion from visitors. Also, we did an assessment to identify the promotional events to which the visitors respond, and develop actionable insights for improving the promotion strategy.

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Improved conversion rates and marketing ROI for promotional events.

The client improved the customer experience on their digital channels, thus ensuring improved sales from the web and mobile sites. Our actionable insights helped them in optimizing the user experience on an ongoing basis. We also provided insights on optimizing the promotional events for achieving improved marketing ROI.

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