Sales Force Analytics For a Leading Retail Banking Client Helps Promote Sales and Business Development

Nov 14, 2017

Today, the financial industry is shifting toward a customer-centric environment by offering diversified services to the customers in the form of savings accounts, mortgages, and loans. In the retail banking space, customers are at the forefront for effective banking operations to take place and for the same, renowned financial services are planning to reach out to a wide customer base. From retirement plans to educational savings plans for children, renowned companies in the retail banking space are offering customized banking services to meet the target audiences. To target potential customers and offer better visibility in the retail banking space, renowned companies are leveraging salesforce analytics solutions. With the aid of salesforce analytics, leading retail banking firms can personalize their customer’s banking experience and offer personalized experiences to the customers.

To shift toward a need-based business model and deliver better customer experience, renowned organizations in the retail banking space are approaching companies like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s sales force analytics solution helps businesses in the retail banking space deliver highly personalized, intelligent, and connected banking experience to the customers. Moreover, salesforce analytics helps businesses better engage with customers and improve customer loyalty.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned client in the retail banking firm with a considerable number of service offerings was facing certain predicaments delivering better visibility into their services offered. The retail banking client wanted to better connect with the customers and deliver services at an affordable rate of interest. Moreover, the client wanted to offer a convenient user experience to improve customer loyalty. With the help of sales force analytics, the client wanted to revamp their existing architecture and engage more with the customers to enhance their productivity. Moreover, the client also wanted to recommend relevant solutions to achieve the desired goals.

QZ-sales forc analytics

Benefits of Salesforce Analytics

With the help of the sales force analytics engagement offered by Quantzig, the renowned retail banking client was able to address real-time financial needs based on customers’ expectations. Also, the sales force analytics solution helped the client effectively manage different banking workflows and processes. The engagement also assisted the client in increasing efficiency, transparency, profitability, and further understanding the compliance regulations in the banking space. Furthermore, implementing sales force analytics also helped the client understand customers and reach out to them in a more seamless and agile manner.

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Sales Force Analytics Predictive Insights

  • Understand the customers and make quick data-driven actions
  • Improve sales performance by 10% and enhance business performance
  • Gain better insights into the marketing performance and the impact on sales revenue
  • Effectively analyze customers’ engagement with the products and generate better ROI
  • Measure relative campaign effectiveness and its impact on the bottom-line

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