Biopharmaceuticals Supplier Leverages Digital Analytics to Improve Sales

Sep 6, 2017

Industry Overview

The global pharmaceutical industry is witnessing strong pressure from the end-user segments to develop new medicines that can effectively prevent and cure incurable diseases. With the rising customer expectations, organizations in the biopharma industry have been forced to bridge the demand-supply gap. Also, with the increasing concerns pertaining to healthcare, the biopharma industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the adoption pattern of their products and is effectively relying on digital analytics to target niche customer segments. Through a robust digital analytics solution, the biopharma industry can discover and predict the needs, preferences, and expectations of the target customers; thereby, increasing market growth and improving market return on investment.

With increasing constraints in the healthcare landscape, leading organizations are devising new therapies that are clinically and economically more viable than the existing counterparts. With years of expertise in offering effective solutions, Quantzig’s digital analytics experts offer seamless and scalable solutions in the biopharma industry without comprising on patient outcomes. Also, experts leverage the use of real-world data to retain market access and implement premium pricing strategies.

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The Business Challenge

With the growing environmental concerns, selling pharmaceutical products requires an understanding of regulations, compliance issues, and investment options. Keeping such challenges in mind, a renowned biopharmaceutical supplier approached Quantzig to know how to secure new customers and reach out to potential market segments to make informed business decisions. The client further wanted to devise robust sales performance management strategies to drive effective actions. Moreover, the client also wanted to gauge information on the sales team’s activities and gain better insights on past performance, current performance, and generate better sales reports.

Digital Analytics Solution Benefits

Through a robust digital analytics engagement, the client was able to effectively track and measure online campaigns at a very granular level. The engagement helped the client devise robust strategies to enhance the client’s marketing efforts and improve performance. In addition, the client was able to effectively observe patient behavior, patient-physician interactions, and devise effective strategies and further analyze trends and adjust content to better drive patient engagement. The digital analytics engagement also assisted the client to harmonize the data, effectively manage the sales force, and optimize marketing, thereby estimating the payback between offline and online channels.

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Digital Analytics Solution Predictive Insights

  • Gauge into new products and track health for product lines
  • Effectively highlight new products for the patients
  • Robustly track and monitor sales performance and streamline the decision-making process
  • Obtain real-time information on the biopharmaceutical supplier landscape
  • Determine the impact of media on sales and distribution

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